GifCam, create animations from Videos quickly and for free

GifCam, create animations from Videos quickly and for free

Using Photoshop, you can easily create your own animation, however, with GifCam, the utility software used to create GIF animations from existing Videos or Videos recorded with this software. Join us in the following article.

To create Gif animations, there are many application software such as Photoshop, PhotoScape or GIMP … With the following article, will guide you how to create Gif animations from Video that is GifCam, you visit consult with us

GifCam – Create animations from Videos quickly and for free

Step 1: Download software applications that do not need to be installed. Download: GifCam

Step 2: Video Recording with GifCam.

Start GifCam then adjust the star size to fit the frame to be shot, click Rec To record, click Stop to stop.

Step 3: Customize Video.

To be able to edit videos by pressing the button Edit, there will be an open window. Right-click anywhere in the window to open a menu like the one below. Here you can change some options like removing some frames from videos by selecting the “Delete This Frame

Here you can also insert text into the frame to make notes by selecting “Add Text“. Then write arbitrary text and drag and drop text into the appropriate place on the frame.

Finally click on the button Save to export GIF animation

So with GifCam software, we can easily record the activity on the computer and create an animation easily with just a few simple steps.
Photoshop is a famous photo editing software, besides that feature, you can easily create animations on Photoshop, even you can convert Videos to GIF with Photoshop, if you do not know how to do, refer to way Convert Video to GIF with Photoshop here.


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