GitHub suddenly “discolors” for more than 2 hours, the cause is unknown

As the world’s largest code versioning and project management system, GitHub even acts as a social network for developers. Therefore, every problem that happens to GitHub receives great attention in the developer community, as well as causes great damage.

One such situation just happened when GitHub suddenly stopped working for more than 2 hours with absolutely no warning. Specifically, the GitHub website was completely inaccessible starting at about 3:45 pm in the US Eastern time zone on November 27 (at dawn on November 28 Vietnam time). This issue brought the entire platform to a standstill, with Git operations, API requests, wrapping, page manipulation, and pull requests all experiencing issues, directly affecting millions of developers worldwide. .

After more than 2 hours from the time the problem was recorded, GitHub is back to completely normal operation. However, the details of the cause of the crash are still a mystery. The GitHub operation team said that they are actively implementing the necessary investigation activities, but it will take a lot of time to analyze and verify before the official conclusion is made:

“We are investigating the cause of an issue that affects most of GitHub’s services. The investigation is actively underway, and we will update the results as soon as possible.”

GitHub is currently home to more than 73 million developers, who rely on the service to control versions, projects through Git, and host and develop their software. GitHub is a large code repository that has become extremely popular among co-developers and businesses globally. Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and many other big tech companies all use GitHub.

There are over 100 million code repositories hosted on GitHub, so any outage will affect a large number of organizations, businesses, and individuals worldwide. Last year, GitHub experienced a similar problem for about 2 hours, after it crashed with the service and briefly took the entire platform offline. This latest outage comes just weeks after former GitHub CEO Nat Friedman stepped down, and the company continues to operate as an independent business owned by Microsoft.


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