Gold, silver, bronze, diamond wedding is how many years?

Wedding anniversaries have different names depending on the time, including diamond, gold, silver, copper… Do you wonder what each name means? Gold, silver, bronze, diamond wedding is how many years? Please read the article below to get the answer.

Bronze wedding: 8th wedding anniversary

Bronze wedding is the name of the wedding anniversary when the couple has been together for 8 years. On the occasion of the bronze wedding anniversary, people will often give the couple copper-related items.

Silver Wedding: 25th Wedding Anniversary

The couple has been married for 25 years, then the anniversary is called a silver wedding. The gifts that people give to a silver wedding are usually silver jewelry, silver accessories or valuable silver souvenirs.

Golden wedding: 50th wedding anniversary

This is an extremely important and meaningful time in everyone’s life because it is not easy to live 50 years together happily.

Diamond Wedding: 60th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating 60 years of marriage is called a diamond wedding, an ideal marriage milestone that many people want to achieve. Couples who celebrate this anniversary have not only been together for more than half a century, they’ve also reached the age of 80 or more.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you know what diamond, gold, silver, and bronze weddings are and what these timelines mean.


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