Good alternatives to Adobe Reader, PDF reader on your computer

Good alternatives to Adobe Reader, PDF reader on your computer

Adobe Reader is a popular PDF reader with all the features needed for office work. However, if you only need basic features, you will be able to use the tools available on Windows to replace Adobe Reader. Taimienphi will introduce to you some of the best tools to replace Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader is an Adobe PDF reader that is used by many people. However, with the development of technology, Adobe Reader gradually lost its position due to taking up quite a lot of system resources as well as some security holes. Currently, to read a PDF file, users do not need to install any supporting software because these browsers have built-in PDF browsing capabilities. Taimienphi will guide you to use browsers, support tools to replace Adobe Reader.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser with a built-in PDF file browser, which has been included with the browser since 2010. Google Chrome has made it possible to open PDF files quickly, users only need to download the PDF file and open it directly. in a browser without the need for a separate PDF viewer. The most unfortunate point of Google Chrome is that there is no other feature other than opening a PDF file. If you just need to watch the content, downloading Chrome is a good choice for you.

but still replace the good adobe reader 2

Mozilla Firefox

Similar to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox has integrated the PDF viewer into the browser from Firefox 19. Up to now, the PDF viewer of Firefox has been completed, but still has only the same features as viewing. PDF on Google Chrome.

Firefox’s PDF file browser is actually not a browser plugin, this feature is written in Javascript – the same language as the site in use. This means that the PDF file browser has the same sandbox feature as other websites, this is a plus point for Firefox due to security issues on the computer, avoiding exploitation. malicious PDF files today, please download Firefox and experience this great feature.

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Microsoft Edge

Similar to other browsers, Microsoft Edge has also integrated the PDF viewer directly, allowing users to open PDF files directly without software support. The most unfortunate part of the browser is the omission of editing features, even the bookmark feature worth using on Microsoft Edge is not supported in PDF files. Hopefully in the next updates, the ability to edit or mark PDF files will be added directly to this browser.

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Windows Reader

This is the Modern application introduced in Windows Store since Windows 8 was launched. The PDF file reader is preinstalled on all computers and also has full reading features like those on the browser. The advantage of the application is the ability to read immediately 2 pages in the file and do not take up many resources on the machine.

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Other PDF readers

If you want to browse, or enhance, edit or share, there are also many free software to browse PDF files such as Foxit Reader, Sumatra PDF … In which Foxit Reader is built on languages The latest, has many advanced security features, does not take up machine resources and completely free. These are also the best options to replace the outdated, heavy Adobe Reader and occupy many security holes.

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Above are some of the PDF browsing tools that replace Adobe Reader. PDF is currently a text format used by a lot of people, you can also refer to how to convert photos to PDF on Windows 10 without using software.


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