Google adds USB cable quality assessment feature on Android Auto

Starting with the latest 7.5.121104 update, Android Auto users will receive a notification about the status of the USB cable connecting on the system. In other words, this is a feature designed by Google to help detect if the USB cable is faulty or malfunctioning when users try to connect the device to the car entertainment system.

Named USB Startup Diagnostic, this feature is a small but significant addition in enhancing the Android Auto user experience that Google is aiming for. The USB Startup Diagnostic will be found in the “connection help” section of the “Settings” app on Android Auto after users update to version 7.5.121104.

The way this feature works is basically uncomplicated. When it’s activated, the system checks to see if Android can send data via cable to your car’s entertainment system, meaning you may need to use a specific car USB port to check. see if everything is working correctly.

There are many different types of USB cables on the market with “upper gold lower bran” quality. While they often look identical, it’s not surprising that a poor quality USB cable is the cause of errors when using Android Auto. With USB Startup Diagnostic, Google hopes such situations can be minimized, thereby contributing to improving user experience.

In a support post, Google recommends that Android Auto users only use cables less than 1 meter (3 feet) in length, and avoid USB hubs or cable extension ports. In addition, users are also advised to use the cable that came with their phone whenever possible / The reason is that this cable is optimized for the device they are using, thereby providing quality. The best connection.

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