Google Ads is being used to steal cryptocurrency

The explosion of the cryptocurrency market in recent times has attracted great attention from the whole world. Everyone wants to join in the hope of getting more income or even dreaming of changing their lives, but forgetting that equipping a solid enough knowledge base to protect themselves in a volatile trading market and This risk is the paramount requirement.

Scammers know that, of course, and are constantly inventing new, more sophisticated scams aimed at gullible crypto owners. An ongoing malicious advertising campaign through Google Ads that directs victims to fake crypto wallets is a prime example of that trend.

The Check Point Research (CPR) team has just released an urgent announcement about a new scam campaign with a relatively sophisticated and rare trick aimed at cryptocurrency owners, tricking them into accessing a promotional link. fake cryptocurrency wallet report. CPR experts claim to have recorded more than $500k in crypto stolen in just one weekend, thanks to these fake crypto wallets.

It’s basically a scam in which malicious actors buy Google ads and create a website that looks like some popular cryptocurrency wallet. Specifically, scammers are currently targeting Phantom and MetaMask wallets, which are commonly used for the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems. When someone searches for these wallets on Google, an ad will appear at the top of the search results page, linking to a fake website designed to look exactly like the actual wallet. When accessing the website, the victim will be tricked the user into providing his or her real wallet password, and through that, the crook can easily steal their cryptocurrency. In the event the victim tries to create a new wallet, the fake website will also implicitly link to the crook’s wallet, and any funds they transfer will go directly to the scammers.

Based on what crypto holders can do, CPR advises them to be on high alert before visiting any e-wallet website:

“I strongly urge the crypto community to double-check any URLs they intend to visit, and avoid clicking on crypto wallet-related Google Ads links at this time.”

Whether you’re accessing a crypto wallet or making any other transaction, always double-check the URL to make sure you’re visiting the correct, secure website. Never give your wallet password to a website where you are not really sure of its authenticity. Alternatively, scroll down a bit further and click on the actual search results instead of the promotional links that appear on top of the Google search page. Careless carefree!


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