Google Docs adds the option to add a page break before a paragraph

Google Workspace announced today that the option to add a page break before a paragraph of text in Google Docs is now available and available on the app for Android and iOS. This feature was rolled out to the web platform last year.

Updates Google Docs for latest Android and iOS added an option named “Add page break before”, allowing users to highlight text and use it to start on a new page. Specifically, this new feature is useful in case if the user wants to get some specific text styles such as titles or subtitles to create a new page.

Google Docs adds page break option before paragraph

In addition, the latest update also allows Google Workspace users to import and export Microsoft Word and other 3rd party documents with page breaks applied to paragraphs of text while preserving these formatting.

To use this feature on mobile devices, you can update or download the latest version of Google Docs here:
– Load Google Docs for Android
– Load Google Docs for iPhone

Can you update Google Docs for mobile?
Finally, the latest feature is available now on the Google Docs app for Android and iOS, and all Google Workspace customers and G Suite Basic and Business users.

Besides, to protect the exclusivity of your document, you can refer to how to add Watermark in the document through the instructions in the article below..

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