Google Drive stops supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista

It is expected that on January 1, 2017, the Google Drive app will officially stop supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista, so users will no longer receive support and security updates for the app since after this point.

According to the latest announcement of Google, the company will officially stop supporting Google Drive apps on Windows XP and Windows Vista, stopping support does not mean that Google Drive cannot be downloaded and installed as normal, which means that users will no longer receive the same security and account protection updates as before.

Earlier, Dropbox stopped supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista in April 2017. Private OneDrive still supports but currently reduced storage to 5GB for free users only

However, unlike Dropbox, users are not blocked from downloading and installing Google Drive, users only no longer receive Google Drive updates before January 1, 2017. Thus the risk of being attacked and appropriated is very high.

google drive is not working in windows xp

There is also another way that users can switch to using Google Drive web version like Dropbox, OneDrive. To ensure that you are always protected from hackers, you can upload files to Google Drive through the best current web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Coc Coc. If you are using Windows 10, recommends opening the service on Microsoft Edge because this is a very secure browser today.

But the best way that users can apply at this time is to update Windows 10 or versions of Windows 7, 8.1, now updating to Windows 10 new version has become simpler than ever thanks to many Support tools available from Microsoft. Above all, after installing Google Drive and using it in combination with Windows 10, you can ensure to avoid maximum security risks.

google drive is not working in windows vista

The reason recommends installing Windows 10 or updating to the latest version of Windows 10 is because this is the latest browser version, has the most stable patches, and most importantly, Microsoft has stopped supporting. Windows XP has been around for a long time, so if possible, try to upgrade to the latest version of Windows.

On the current Google Drive, you can still do any task of uploading files to Google Drive, searching on Google Drive or transferring data from Google Docs to Google Drive for direct storage and editing. However, the search data on Google Drive will most likely be vulnerable to attack and capture if network attacks occur.
Using Google Drive with online word editing tools, excel online … you will not have to install Office suites from Microsoft anymore, another service that supports these functions is MS Office Web Apps, with each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, if you do not know which service to choose, please refer to the article Compare Google Drive and MS Office Web Apps to make the right decision for me.


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