Google Maps suggests users ‘death route’ after a heavy blizzard

Google Maps has developed and improved a lot in the past time to become the most commonly used navigation tool in the world today. Besides the ability to suggest extremely fast and accurate routes, Google Maps also provides users with a series of useful ancillary information related to making the trip safer and more convenient.

However, saying that does not mean that Google Maps always works absolutely correctly. Recently, a user in the US shared an “enthralling” experience with Google Maps when the tool suggested him an extremely dangerous route, running through an area that had just been swept by a deadly blizzard. Such is the case for Twitter user Crystal A. Kolden (@pyrogeog), and the route in question is a small road connecting Sacramento, the state capital of California, and Reno, a city in the state of Nevada. , which had just suffered a huge blizzard.

In his Tweet, Kolden could not hide his disappointment and anger when he put his trust in Google Maps and almost received bitter fruit. He alleges Google’s directions app suggested users take a poorly maintained forest road, with the risk of a fatal accident due to the rough terrain and having just experienced a severe blizzard. a few hours earlier. While there are no verified reports of accidents on roads that can be linked to Google Maps, situations like these are still very worrying.

The route Google Maps recommends for Kolden is called Marysville, a narrow two-lane road through the Tahoe National Forest. Lucky for Kolden he checked the weather information and consulted with others before deciding to make the trip. In the past, there have been several cases of Google Map users warning that the Android version of this application did not seem to have updated information about some dangerous routes or had been closed due to natural disasters.

Through this incident, it can be seen that modern technology, although increasingly intelligent and flexible, is not always absolutely accurate. Users should not put their trust 100% in all situations, especially those that may affect health or even life.


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