Google Music and Spotify, which music service is better?

Google Music and Spotify are the two music service, store and share music / podcast with the most number of users in the world. So what are these two services so hot, read and discover with!

With unique features to attract users, Google Music and Spotify make users “headache headache” because of not knowing which to choose. To get the most perfect choice, Please refer to the following article.

Google Music and Spotify: Which music service is better?

Table of Contents:
1. What is Google Music ?.
2. What is Spotify ?.
3. Should choose Google Music or Spotify.

1. What is Google Music?

google music and spotify better music services

– Download Google Play Music for Android
– Download Google Play Music for iPhone

Google Music is a service to listen, store and play music, podcasts on the web launched by Google in 2011. Google Music provides 40 million songs and allows users to play music online and create hundreds of playlists. . It supports a wide range of file formats, including .wav bits and is integrated with Google devices including Google Home.

A standout feature of Google Music is that you can upload 50,000 songs to your own music library for free without affecting the memory of the device you are using. So for users who have a lot of music stored on their device’s hard drive, Google Music is definitely a great choice. Google Music is compatible with many different devices, including Android, iPhone, Google Home and Chromecast.

You can use the paid version of Google Music as an individual or family plan. However, if you do not want to charge a fee, you can sign up for YouTube Premium to listen to streaming music without ads through Google Music.

2. What is Spotify?

Google Apps vs. Spotify

– Download Spotify for Android
– Download Spotify for iPhone

Spotify is a smart design music sharing and listening service that was launched in 2008. The service offers 40 million songs and podcasts, three billion user-created playlists and smart algorithms. “learn” the user’s musical taste.

You can access Spotify on the web, desktop and even the mobile version. With Spotify, you can follow your favorite artists, share music with playlists, and see what your friends are listening to. Plus, with Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist and Made for You editions, you can easily find new artists.

3. Google Music and Spotify: Which music service is better?

To help users choose the appropriate service, would like to offer the following comparison table:

google music and spotify so which music to choose

If you look at the table above, it is probably difficult to choose between Google Music and Spotify because both have positive and negative sides. Therefore, would advise you as follows:

– If you are a fan of Google services and want to manage your own music / playlist then you should choose Google Music because it can give you many options to manage and listen to music. Moreover, if the “condition” does not allow, you can still use Google Music for free by registering YouTube Premium.

– If you want to discover new artists and share these discoveries with your friends (and vice versa), then Spotify can be a bad choice with the great features mentioned above. In addition, the interface supported on many devices is another reason for you to choose this service, you need Sign up for a Spotify account to use the service.
With the above article information, Hope readers will have a choice for themselves when considering between Google Music and Spotify. If you have any questions or questions regarding the above content, please feel free to leave your comments in the comments section of the article!


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