Gree air conditioner from which country?  Is Gree air conditioner good?

Gree air conditioner from which country? Is Gree air conditioner good?

Gree is one of the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturers, but many Vietnamese consumers do not know where Gree air conditioners come from and whether Gree air conditioners are worth buying or not. In the article below, will give answers to these questions.

With hot days peaking up to 37- 40 degrees CAir conditioner has become one of the indispensable devices in Vietnamese families. Especially in the city, the perceived temperature is much higher than that measured in meteorological stations due to less trees and concrete. Currently, the installation of air conditioners is becoming more and more popular and surely before buying an air conditioner, everyone should thoroughly research the product and the brand they are targeting. Among the current air conditioner brands, Gree air conditioner is the choice that won the hearts of many consumers. The following Gree air conditioner review will help those who are intending to buy Gree air conditioners to better understand this product.

Gree air conditioner from which country? Is that good?

Article Table of Contents:
1. Origin of Gree air conditioner.
2. Gree air conditioner review.
3. Pros and cons of Gree air conditioners.
4. Should you buy Gree air conditioner?.

I – Origin of Gree . air conditioner

Gree air conditioner is a product of Gree Group from China. This is one of the largest air conditioner manufacturers in the world, accounting for a third of the global cashew market share. Present in Vietnam market in 2013, Gree air conditioner, imported by Gree Air Conditioning Vietnam Co., Ltd. has quickly become the choice trusted by many consumers besides other famous brands by the simplicity but sophistication in design, stability and durability in operation, as well as the price is not “cheap”.

In terms of the mid-range segment, Gree is one of the two most appreciated pharmaceutical companies today, besides Casper air conditioners from Thailand. Although Gree air conditioners are Chinese products, they are genuine Chinese, not poor quality Chinese products.

II – Gree . Air Conditioner Review

Each line of Gree air conditioners has different designs, as well as equipped with different technologies and features. Therefore, the article only highlights the most prominent and notable features of the product.

1. Models, designs

For Gree residential air conditioners, consumers can choose to buy wall-mounted air conditioners, vertical refrigerators, Inverter and non-Inverter air conditioners. In general, Gree air conditioners are diverse in models and capacities, providing many different options for users to refer to. In terms of design, Gree air conditioners receive many different compliments and criticisms. The general design language of Gree air conditioners is simple, pure white, although there are no special touches or highlights, but it is suitable for all spaces in the family.

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2. Refrigeration technology

For cooling technology, we see many similarities between Casper air conditioner and Gree air conditioner when both have Turbo mode and iFeel sensor. If you do not know, when pressing the Turbo button on the Gree air conditioner remote, the air conditioner will operate with the maximum capacity to cool quickly within just 3 minutes. Users often have the habit of placing the air conditioner control next to them and the iFeel sensor integrated on the Gree air conditioner remote can sense the ambient temperature at the remote location and transmit the signal to the indoor unit. Then, adjust to the most suitable temperature at the user’s location.

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3. Deodorizing and antibacterial technology

In an enclosed space and using air conditioning, you will certainly feel uncomfortable if there is an odor. Gree air conditioner is equipped with 8 layers antibacterial filter including LTC catalytic filter, activated carbon filter, silver ion filter, antibacterial filter, green tea Catechin filter, biological antibacterial filter, electrostatic precipitator and multi-function filter, with the ability to optimally filter dirt, bacteria, mold and harmful substances to create a clean and safe environment. With the airflow passing through 8 such filters, you can rest assured to enjoy cool, safe air for the health of family members.

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Besides, similar to the iClean mode of Casper air conditioner, G-Clean self-cleaning feature and X-Fan mode of the Gree air conditioner automatically dries the indoor unit after turning off the air conditioner. This helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, limiting odors and the number of times of taking it out for cleaning.

4. Ability to save electricity

Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and everyone knows it. Therefore, many people do not regret investing in buying air conditioners with inverter technology. The Gree brand also produces this energy-saving inverter technology line. According to the manufacturer’s announcement, Gree Inverter air conditioners are capable of saving electricity up to 50, 60% while still operating smoothly and maintaining a stable temperature.

5. Smoothness in operation

The Gree Inverter air conditioner series has a spiral design with different wind levels, helping the air conditioner to operate smoothly with a noise level of only 18dB. Thus, your sleep is completely unaffected.

6. Price

Depending on the product line, supported technology and operating capacity, Gree air conditioners have different prices and here is the reference price list:

– Capacity of 1 HP (for a room of about 15m2): Price ranges from 7 to 11 million VND.
– Capacity 1.5 HP (for room about 15-20m2): Price ranges from 8-14 million VND.
– 2 HP capacity (for a room of about 20 – 30m2): Price ranges from 12 – 17.5 million VND.
– 2.5 HP capacity (for rooms about 30 – 40m2): Price ranges from 19.5 – 26.5 million VND.
– Gree Inverter air conditioner with a capacity of 2.5 HP is priced at around VND 50 million.

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III – Advantages and disadvantages of Gree . air conditioners

1. Advantages of Gree . air conditioner

– Fast cooling within 3 minutes thanks to Turbo mode.
– Automatically increase / decrease the temperature in accordance with the temperature around the remote location with iFeel sensor.
– Automatically clean the air conditioner with G-Clean feature and X-Fan mode.
– Antibacterial deodorant with 8-layer filter.
– The price is suitable for all types of users.
– 1 to 1 exchange 1 in 1 year warranty if the product encounters the same problem twice.
– The air conditioner has a standard 3-year warranty and the compressor has a 5-year warranty.
– Gree Inverter air conditioner series has a 5-year warranty on the air conditioner and a 10-year warranty on the compressor when activating the electronic warranty through the GREE Services application.

2 Disadvantages of Casper . air conditioner

– Not integrated with many smart features such as Daikin, Panasonic air conditioners…
– Quality and design need to be further improved.

IV – Should I buy Gree air conditioner?

With the question of whether to buy Gree air conditioners, would like to answer yes if you are aiming for affordable air conditioners that don’t need too many smart features like Daikin, Samsung or LG air conditioners. , but stable operation. Although the price is cheaper than other air conditioners with the same capacity up to several million dong, the quality is still guaranteed and Gree air conditioner is still fully equipped with cooling, antibacterial, deodorizing and economical technology. electricity required. Moreover, Gree’s warranty policy is very popular with users. The longer the warranty period, the better the product quality is guaranteed.

Whether you buy Gree air conditioners or air conditioners from any brand, it is important that you choose to buy from reputable electrical systems. Such well-known addresses often have many attractive discounts and offers, and offer fast shipping and installation services.
However, if your family has economic conditions and wants to buy an air conditioner with a more luxurious and sophisticated design, Japanese brands like Sharp, Daikin or Korean brands like LG, Samsung will be the ideal choice. think more.

If you are wondering which air conditioner company to choose, you can refer to the article below and compare with each other to choose the best company for you.:

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