Guide Backup Driver with DriverMax

Backing up data on the hardware ensures that when your hard drive fails, you can also reinstall the drivers on your system with DriverMax.

Your computer installed a lot of software, if unfortunately the hard drive is broken, you can download the software to install, but reinstalling the system driver is sometimes not as simple as that because you did not find it again. Get compatible drivers for your computer

So to back up system device drivers, you should use DriverMax

The steps to perform a data backup with Driver Max are preceded as instructed

Step 1: Download DriverMax free software to use

Then install and launch the program

Step 2:

After installing the program, it is possible that with the old version, DriveMax will ask you to update the latest version.

copy driver bang drivermax

There are many functions like driver update, or driver downloads. But in this article we are talking about how to back up data, so you choose “Driver backup and restore”

Step 3:

After selection “Driver backup and restore”, the interface appears as follows:


This time will choose Backup drivers to back up data

You choose the parts you will back up and then Backup
And you can store your data already


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