Guide scan documents with Google Drive, scan documents on Google Drive

Scanning documents, scanning documents with Google Drive is one of the quite interesting features on the Google Drive cloud storage application on mobile. With this feature, you will not need to use too many applications for scanning documents on mobile and sharing with everyone.

Most nowadays when users want to scan documents to mobile pdf, they have to rely on separate third-party mobile document scanning applications such as ChronoScan Capture, WinScan2PDF or CamScanner, Advanced Scan to PDF Free. However, many of these applications scan scanned documents into pdf and often include watermark which makes users feel uncomfortable.

Guide scan documents with Google Drive, scan documents on Google Drive

To solve such situation, Google has launched document scanning feature with Google Drive combined storage in the service is very convenient.

Guide scan documents, scan documents with Google Drive

Step 1: In Google Drive interface for Android or Google Drive for iPhone, users click the plus icon to open the options menu.

scan data on google drive

Tick ​​the item Scan (Scan) to open the document scanning interface with Google Drive. Note that you need to point the device’s camera exactly at the area of ​​the document you want to scan to get the most effect. Also note that precise focus is required or the document cannot be scanned because the image is out of focus.

Step 2: After the scan is complete, you have a lot of customizations to the recently scanned document using Google Drive.

You can first rotate the page in different directions to fit the document you want to store in Google Drive and print later. Click the icon Menu (three dots)> select Rotate (Rotate the page).

scan at google drive data

Next you can cut the areas in the image into the document you want to create by scanning the document with Google Drive. By clicking the Crop icon and stretching the blue points to cut the selected areas.

how to scan google drive data

Google Drive also provides color transfer for newly scanned documents. You just need to click on the Color icon next to the Crop button. There are 4 options included None (original color), Black and White (Black and white), Color (colors) and Color Drawing (Drawing colors).

google drive database

There are also some other features like renaming, deleting newly scanned images with Google Drive.

Step 3: In Settings (Install) of Google Drive, users have some more adjustments related to Image quality related to file scanning, supporting quite a variety of paper sizes.

scan google drive data on the phone

Step 4: After you have finished editing the scanned document file with Google Drive, click the checkmark to save to Google Drive. Open the document and see as below:

scan the document on google drive with your phone

Note when scanning documents with Google Drive

To scan documents more beautifully, you should pay attention to the following:

– Place the document on a flat, dark surface and with high contrast to the document being taken
– Should shoot vertically to get the best image and scan file quality.

The above procedure may not be new, but it is certainly very interesting for new users of Google Drive on mobile. Because they can not only scan documents with Google Drive with just a few taps, they also have an option to scan documents to pdf quickly, simply, but very effectively.

Using Google Drive has a lot of other tips that you can learn, using Google Drive fluently, you will easily share and upload your data here.

In addition, users can now refer to other mobile document scanning applications such as ChronoScan Capture, WinScan2PDF or CamScanner, Advanced Scan to PDF Free or Adobe Reader and Foxit PDF Reader & Editor on both Android and iOS depending on According to the purpose of use and sharing.

Google Drive is a fairly versatile service, available in the installation of Google Drive for computers, mobile. Thanks to that, users can Upload the file to Google Drive anytime, anywhere, and on any device with Google Drive installed or with Internet. To make better use of Google Drive on your computer, readers should also use the Google Drive shortcut as a daily routine.
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