Guide to check Macbook warranty

Checking the Macbook warranty is an expensive setting but offers an extremely good experience, but because of that, the Macbook warranty test is very much interested by users and the following article will help you how. to check your Macbook warranty.

For Macbook users check the Macbook warranty is quite possible, it’s even simpler than other laptops because if we are too familiar with the iPhone imei check the Macbook warranty is completely similar. Apple products are quite homogenous and the following guide will help you check your Macbook warranty, including applying to imei iPhone on the system.

Guide to check Macbook warranty

Guide to check Macbook warranty

Step 1: To check the Macbook warranty we must know the Serial number in the Macbook by clicking apple icon > select About this mac.

How to check macbook 2 instructions

Step 2: In section Overview You will see there is 1 line Serial Number, make note of that code as we will use it to check the Macbook warranty.

How to check macbook 3 instructions

Step 3: The next step we start to conduct a Macbook warranty check by visiting HERE.

– Here the Macbook warranty checking interface appears, you only need to enter the serial number obtained earlier and the captcha code.

How to check macbook 4 instructions

Step 4: Enter the full number Serial (such as the image above) and enter the captcha confirmation code, then click tiếp tục to continue.

guide to how to check macbook 5

Step 5: Wait for a while, the results of the Macbook warranty test will appear and here you will know when the Macbook you bought was released. As pictured in the picture is the beginning of 2015.

How to check macbook 6 instructions

However our main task is to check the Macbook warranty, so let’s scroll down the section Coverd by AppleCare Protection Plan. Pay attention to the line Coverage end date: May 17, 2019 (As shown in the picture), your Macbook is still under warranty until May 17, 2019.

>> And in the case of warranty check Macbook expires will show up on the word Expired ie the warranty has expired.

How to check macbook 7 instructions

So has completed the guide to check the Macbook warranty already, you see how to check the Macbook warranty extremely simple and fast, right? Apple products are always appreciated for its simplicity, quickness and up-to-date warranty for Macbook. If using an MSI computer, please refer to the testing instructions MSI Laptop warranty here.
Macbook product line is of good quality but does not mean that it can not be damaged. The use of broken or time factors are very easy to cause Macbook broken oddly. In case the user has a broken Macbook screen that expired warranty, do not know how to replace the prestigious and cheap Macbook screen, would like to suggest a few addresses through the article introducing top Macbook screen replacement address in Vietnam today.


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