Guide to control a remote computer with UltraViewer

UltraViewer is a software that supports remote computer control is more improved than the previous TeamViewer software, so UltraViewer is more popular for users to choose, so how to control the remote computer Using UltraView or how to use it, please see the tutorial of below.

Controlling remote computers is nothing new to us, in addition to UltraViewer, we also have Teamviewer, in terms of popularity, the user has definitely installed Teamviewer and used. However, not so that UltraViewer gave in.

This software has many advantages such as super fast connection. Installing Ultraviewer is also very easy, you can refer to the article how install UltraViewer has been posted by For now, we will show you how to control a remote computer using UltraViewer software.

Guide to control a remote computer with UltraViewer

First, to control a remote computer with UltraViewer, two computers need to download and install UltraViewer
=> Download the latest UltraViewer here: Ultraviewer

Step 1: You change the Vietnamese language for ease of use, You choose Settings ->Language ->Vietnamese.

Step 2: Restart the software, then open Ultraviewer

– To access other people’s computers: You tell the person you need to control the computer to turn on Ultraviewer and Send you the ID and password Ultraviewer of their pc. Now when you have the ID and Pass, you enter the partner ID and Password (Section 3,4) lWell, you can log in to their computer.
– Let others access your computer: Simply send them 2 your ID information and Password, the remaining is that they log into your computer through that account.

How to control ultraviewer remote control

Step 3: Wait a few seconds and you have successfully connected. Now you can use Ultraviewer to exchange information or guide other issues comfortably.

how to control ultraview state computer

How to control remote control with the UltraView software

To remotely connect 2 computers together, in addition to TeamViewer, users also choose to use UltraViewer. UltraViewer supports fast connection to help you access and manipulate on other users’ computers easily. If you have questions about keeping TeamView and UltraView in these two software, which software is better than you can refer to the article Compare UltraViewer and TeamViewer to understand clearly.

The control is too simple is not it, you absolutely can do it in a few steps. Above we have completed the instructions for controlling a remote computer using UltraVievwer. For Teamviewer users, you can refer to the article remote control of Teamviewer computers to know how to best use it
In addition, Ultraviewer also supports users to chat online. If you do not know how to perform this procedure, you can find out more How to chat via Ultraviewer to chat with his friend


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