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Guide to create ZingMe Blog fast and simple


WebBlog (Blog) is a form of online diary, users (Blogger) put information on Blog with all topics, emotional feelings, academic issues, work …

Everyone can create their own Blog and completely free, there are many service providers like ZingMe, Google, Yhaoo … Here I would like to introduce you how to create a Blog on ZingMe.

How to create a ZingMe Blog

To do this, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open the Web browser (IE, FireFox, Chrome) and enter the website Here.

You can use the accounts (UserName and Password) of Facebook, Google + or Yahoo … to log in to ZingMe from this screen.

Here we create a new account, click “Sign up here”To create a new account on ZingMe. (Picture below).

how to blog on zingme

Step 2: You enter the relevant information in the box below, including full name, username, password …. Then click “Registration”At the bottom (Figure below.)

Step 3: Update information

Here you update the information such as the name of the agency, school, residence … Then Click “Save and continue”To the next step (Figure below)

Step 4: Looking for friends.

Here ZingMe allows you to search for friends from other networks like Facebook, Yahoo or Google … If not you can Click on “Skip this step”To the next step (Figure below)

Step 5: Update avatar (Avatar).

Here you can Upload your avatar to your account from your computer or capture from the Webcam, you can choose those forms otherwise you Click “Skip this step”To the next step (Figure below).

Step 6: Join FanPage.

Here you can join the FanPage by checking the pictures below to join, then Click on “Finish”To keep moving forward (Figure below).

Step 7: After completing the registration process you already have an account of ZingMe. In the interface screen of your account Click “Blog”To enter my Bolg (Figure below).

Step 8: To write a Blog, you hover over “Blog Writing”, which allows you to create 2 types of Blog: Photo Blog (Share emotions and moments via Photo Album in the timeline) and Normal Blog form (World) Your own blog posts convey the feelings and emotions.). You can choose 1 of 2 types of Blog. (Picture below)

Step 9: After selecting the Blog form (Regular Blog), the interface will be as shown below.

Here you will conduct Blogging, including Blog Title and Blog Content.

You can edit the font according to your preferences, selecting functions such as adding music, videos or icons to express your emotions right there.

Step 10: After writing the Blog, you can customize some information about your Blog at the bottom including the topic, choose the right to view Blog, use keywords to optimize the search engine, and then Tag your friends. … you can also preview your Blog with the “Preview”. To blog, click “Post“….

Creating a Blog on ZingMe is not as difficult as you think, you just need to follow the instructions above to create your personal Blog page on ZingMe. In addition, you can refer to how to create a Blog on WordPress, Blogspot, …



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