Guide to fast RANK in PUBG Mobile

You can play forever but still not rank fast in PUBG Mobile, increase it slowly, but deducted the rank much? Perhaps it is because you do not have the best way to rank quickly in PUBG Mobile.

Basically, every game has a Rank mode and PUBG Mobile is no exception. But to Rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile it’s not a simple matter, not just playing and being able to rank quickly With the tips in the article below will not help you to rank quickly in PUBG Mobile the fastest because it depends on your skill factors but it will help you get a safe game.

– For Android devices: PUBG Mobile for Android
– For iOS devices: PUBG Mobile for iPhone

What is rank? Rank in PUBG Mobile benefit?

– Rank is merely a ranking mode in the game, it will know the current level of rank you are in.

– Ranking in PUBG Mobile not only tells you how much you rank, but it is also a leveling system that helps players play the right level together in the game. In addition, Ranking in PUBG Mobile also helps you receive valuable rewards when you rank high in the game.

How to rank quickly in PUBG Mobile

1. Play only 1 mode in PUBG Mobile

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As you know in PUBG Mobile there is a mode Single, Duo and Squad individual. In addition, PUBG Mobile also distinguishes the mode TPP (3rd person perspective) and FPP (first view). If considered as above, we have up to 6 modes corresponding to 6 different Rank, so if you only need to play 2-3 genres, your rank will be much slower when focusing only 1 species.

Therefore, to rank quickly in PUBG Mobile, just focus on playing 1 of the 6 options.

-> Advantages of Single is Ranking at the beginning fast, the screen play faster but the higher it requires you to have certain skills will not rank very difficult.

-> Advantages of playing Duo, Squad it is mutual support, but it is not always possible to get a team mate and wait for your “best friends” to come online to play.

2. Do not parachute down into crowded areas

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Parachuting in crowded areas, urban areas or famous areas on the map. Enter the picture as Ponkichi As an example, you are pulling your Rank down very well. Such areas even as a Pro still have the ability to die very early because bullets are from all sides.

If you are a PUBG Mobile player, you will know that The first 5 minutes of the game always have the highest death rate in the game and if you want to rank quickly in PUBG Mobile, don’t jump into these areas.

3. Focus Loot grenade ambulance kit

quick rank in pubg mobile 4

Instead of just fighting, PUBG Mobile discourages this, essentially a survival game The most important thing is to live to the end. Take a parachute jump into a remote area to find nearby houses and loot yourself for bullets and weapons. Especially the High-class first aid equipment or energy drinks really needed for the last 10 minutes of gsame as well as the running stage.

4. Rank is only available in Classic mode

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In PUBG Mobile, Classic has 6 small game modes inside it but that is not all for PUBG Mobile because in addition to it, there is another mode that helps how to play PUBG Mobile to be less boring is Arcade.

Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile helps players to play many special modes such as Erangel, War mode, Quick Match, Sniper Training or Mini-Zone. All of these modes do not count in PUBG Mobile so you will not be able to rank quickly in PUBG Mobile if you keep playing these modes.

5. Should play Sanhok map to rank

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Sanhok is a Map of yes The size is only half that of the previous two maps so everything happens very fast. Not only that, the rate of picking up “good” items and necessary items in PUBG Mobile in this Sanhok map is very high. More so because of the fast progress so in the range The first 10 minutes eliminated 50-60 people is completely normal, at a high Rank you are in the top Sanhok’s 20 is completely normal and it will help you at least not be penalized.

6. Play PUBG Mobile on the computer

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Instead of having to play PUBG Mobile on your phone, holding your hands to influence the fast Ranking in your PUBG Mobile, why not turn it into an FPS game on PC. There are many ways to play PUBG on computers today and for the best experience, recommend. play PUBG Mobile on the computer with Android Bluestacks 4 emulator software today.

Because when playing PUBG Mobile on a computer with Bluestacks 4 emulation software will give you the best experience, flexible control operation without being limited by touch like a phone. In addition, you do not need to worry about overheating or running out of battery or your computer to get the highest configuration or not. The most important thing is that you can experience PUBG Mobile on a 20 – 24 inch computer screen, different from the current 5 -6 inch phones.

Currently the version of PUBG Mobile VN for Vietnamese gamers has officially been released, please download and experience this version according to the link below.

– For Android devices: Download PUBG Mobile VN for Android
– For iOS devices: Download PUBG Mobile VN for iPhone

With our tips above will help you to rank quickly in the highest PUBG Mobile, but remember that it only helps you at a certain Rank level because the higher the Rank, the more likely the player is now. obviously, without real power you will soon be stationary.

Also if interested in position Top 1 readers can refer to How to win the Top 1 in PUBG Mobile, that is the experience that we summarize the writer as well as the advice of the current Pro.
Also for those who are following our guide, that is, you are playing PUBG Mobile with Map Sanhok, do not forget to refer to the Sanhok Loot items in PUBG Mobile, article guide Loot, Sanhok will tell you where you should be.


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