Guide to insert audio, audio, music into Powerpoint

Insert sound, audio, music into PowerPoint to make your presentation slides more vivid. However, how do I insert these audio files through all the slides without any pasting? Please refer to the way through the article below of

Normally, by default, when inserting an audio file into a Powerpoint slide, the file only runs on one slide and switches to another slide automatically turns off. This article will guide you through all the different steps and options for adding sound to each slide or throughout all slides in your presentation. Depending on the version of Office, some menus may have different options but the method is the same.

Insert audio, audio, music into Powerpoint

Guide to insert audio, audio, music into Powerpoint

Here, we will practice with the version of Powerpoint 2010. You follow the instructions below

Step 1: Open Powerpoint, on the menu bar of the software, click Insert and select Audio => Audio From File

guide insert audio audio in powerpoint 2

Find the path to the Audio file to insert and then press Ok, got it

guide insert audio audio in powerpoint 3

Step 2: Next you move through the tab Animations and click Pane Animations (with Powerpoint versions 2003, 2007 will be Custom Animation).

guide insert audio audio in powerpoint 4

Step 3: Tool dialog box Pane Animations displayed on the right side of Powerpoint window. Click on the triangle pointing down on the sound file icon (the speaker) and select Effect Options

guide insert audio audio in powerpoint 5

Step 4: Window Effect Options appears, you tick the item From beginning Ie the audio file selection will start from the inserted slide. And item After You enter the number of slides you want to play the audio file for. Press Ok, got it to save the changes.

guide insert audio audio in powerpoint 6

So I have instructed you how to insert music into powerpoint runs through the slide. In case you use Word 2003 and want to insert sound into your text, you refer to how insert music into Word 2003 Here, your documents will become richer.
In addition to Powerpoint there are many other useful new tips such as Insert Background, Background to Slide Powerpoint, Insert Slide Template in PowerPoint or Attach files to PowerPoint … will definitely help a lot for your work. Good luck.


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