Guide to the Inventor squad season 6 DTCL

The Inventor of DTCL season 6 is somewhat similar to DTCL’s Crazy Cult of season 4 when enough champions will summon support characters. In season 4, Crazy Cult calls out Galio with strength increasing with buff milestones.

The Inventor is the same, but instead of just summoning Galio, the Inventors call out beasts with different powers and stats.

Maybe this post is used by many people only to def blood and let the main members deal damage. And most of Phat Minh’s generals are more of a support than an attack except Jayce, but he costs 5 gold and appears a bit late.

So you need to combine other champions in the team to have the main champion before Jayce appears. If you want to have a squad of Inventors, please refer to the content below.

Inventor Generals season 6 DTCL

  • Ezreal (Recycle – Inventor) – 1 gold
  • Singed (Chemistry – Inventor) – 1 gold
  • Zilean (Machine – Inventor) – 2 gold
  • Heimerdinger (Yordle – Scholar – Inventor) – 3 gold
  • Seraphine (Idol – Inventor) – 4 gold
  • Jayce (Guard – Inventor – Transform) – 5 gold

Most Phat Minh generals support control or recovery for the team. Few champions deal good damage, so you need more champions to link up with the Inventors.

The source of resistance in the team is also lacking, if he only relies on Singed, he alone can’t stand it. If you can summon the Bear, you can partly keep the enemy’s tank line.

In general, Inventor generals will have to combine damage and resistance sources to have a winning streak in the game. And if you’re lucky thanks to the Tech Core that hits all 7 Inventors, you’ll have a dragon.

Build the DTCL Inventor squad season 6

Early game

dtcl inventor lineup season 6

Start with 3 Inventors and Camille to gain more attack speed for Camille and Zilean. Also, adding a Bug is also quite good at the beginning of the game.

Between game

dtcl inventor lineup season 6

Incorporating more tanks and dealing damage in the middle of the game, you shouldn’t just take the Inventors, try to keep your winning streak with combinations of adding missing positions and getting more clan buffs.


7 Inventors

dtcl inventor lineup season 6

If you are buffed by Tech Core or given the Inventor’s Tribe Seal, follow this formation to activate 7 Inventors. Jayce’s items can be given to Ezreal to hold. Attack speed from Machines, increased damage from Idols, magic resistance and healing from Wizards, and mana regeneration from Scholars will be essential self-help for Jayce and the champions in the game.

5 Inventors

dtcl inventor lineup season 6

Besides Jayce, Fiora is an effective damage dealer near the end of the game. Adding her in will help support damage and control. Idol buff for Jayce or Fiora to deal better damage in the team.

If you switch to team 4 Machines, Jhin will be the main champion. Although the resistance force here is not much, but with the attack speed received from the Machine, Jhin and Orianna also cause great difficulties for the enemy team.

Inventors are supportive, so you should prepare one of the other mains related to Inventors and take care of them. It is important that you only gather many Inventors when you see that the team has enough damage and tanker.


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