Guide to use air conditioner properly to save electricity

Air conditioning, air conditioning is always the most energy-efficient household appliance in your home. If you use it often for a long time, you’re probably familiar with the enormous amount of electricity bills. However, if you know how to use air conditioner properly, you will save a lot of money while using air conditioning daily.

Below, shares with you how to use air-conditioning appropriately to minimize your monthly electricity bill.

Guide to use air conditioner properly to save electricity

How to use air conditioning properly to save electricity

1. Set the appropriate temperature

With air conditioning and air conditioning, the lower the temperature you set, the more money you’ll spend on your bill at the end of the month. Therefore, if possible, set the highest temperature level while maintaining a cool air in the room. Do not set the temperature too low, even in the hottest summer days because the difference in temperature is too large, it not only consumes electricity but also adversely affects the health of you and your family.

User manual using the computer may use this method to save power

Setting a suitable temperature is good for health

Experts recommend the best health temperature range for air conditioning is 25-28 C for adults; 28-30 degrees C for small children.

2. Avoid sunlight

Morning sunlight is good for our health but in the hottest days of summer like recent times when we feel like evaporating because of the heat, the sun is extremely toxic. Not only that, the heat from the sunlight makes the air conditioners have to work harder to cool and of course, it consumes more power. Therefore, please close the curtains to avoid sunlight.

3. Make sure your home is well insulated from outside

One of the reasons for the large power consumption when using air conditioners and air conditioners is the poor insulation of the house. Old houses may have cracks and doors that aren’t completely closed. The more heat leaks, the more electricity you’ll spend.

4. Clean the air conditioner filter

User manual using the computer may use this method to save power

Instructions on how to clean air conditioner filter to facilitate air circulation

Over time, the sieve in the air conditioner will accumulate dirt, which limits the flow of cool air. Do not wait for the filter to become clogged before cleaning. Clean and renew every 1-3 months for easier air circulation.

5. Do not place the device next to thermostats

The thermostat is very sensitive to heat, if it senses a higher ambient temperature, it will let the air conditioner operate until the whole space is cool enough. Therefore, do not place thermostats near radiators such as TVs, computers, lights, etc.

6. Use ceiling fans

Using both the fan and air conditioner at the same time thought that it used more power, but it did not. Ceiling fans promote air circulation in the room, which means that the air conditioner does not need to work too much to pump cool air into the room. Ceiling fans consume less power and support air conditioning to work more efficiently.

7. Periodic maintenance

The air conditioner should be regularly maintained and should be performed by a professional technician every year. They ensure the critical parts are always clean, the drain is clean and the refrigerant is moderate. Maintenance makes air conditioners more efficient, uses electricity more efficiently.

8. Replace the old air conditioner

An air conditioner that has been used for more than 10 years may need major and costly repairs. Besides, conditioning too many times will be less effective over time. Therefore, you should consider buying a new air conditioner if it is too old, power consuming and does not cool as expected.
In addition, to save electricity, you should buy and use Inverter air conditioners, if not sure about this air conditioner line, please refer to the article Inverter air conditioner What is here.


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