Guidelines to print PDF documents

Guidelines to print PDF documents

Do you know how to print a PDF file? Are you having trouble printing PDF document? If the answer is yes, this is exactly the article you are looking for. Let’s find out the content below for more details.

Printing PDF documents is similar to Word. This is a job that most office people and computer users must be familiar with. PDF is one of the most popular formats for storing text and images, and it is even more popular than DOC or DOCX documents of Microsoft Office Word. The interesting thing about PDF is that you can read it on many devices including mobile phones without having to worry about display problems like Word.

Guidelines to print PDF documents

Step 1: If you do not have a PDF reader, you need to download and install it first, the two most popular names today are Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader. Let’s download Adobe Reader If you love simplicity, or if you love features, then Download Foxit Reader. In the framework of this article, will use Foxit Reader to illustrate.

Step 2: Open the PDF file with one of the two software above, then press the key combination Ctrl-P to open the document printing interface.

Step 3: Now there are some categories you need to note as follows.

Printer: The printer you will be using

Copies: The number of prints you want to print

Print Range: The position of the page to print.

– Current view: The page screen is open

– Current page: The entire page is open

– All pages: All pages

– Pages: What is the page number?

Print the pdf file

Print Handling: The shape of the text you want to print. On the right is the preview image. You can optionally select the appropriate text shape. But most often we choose Scale> Fit to Printer Margins.

Auto-Rotate: Auto-rotate

Auto-Center: Automatically focus on the subject of the text

Guide to print the pdf file

So introduced to you the easiest way to print PDF documents. After referencing this article, you can manually print the document or text you like. If you want to learn more, please refer to the article Simple way to edit PDF files.


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