Hard drive dies can repair it? Data rescue die mechanical success?

We have received some questions from readers to ask about the dead hard drive can repair it? How to save data on dead mechanical drive and where do the data rescue work? To answer these questions, Taimienphi.vn invites readers to learn about this error as well as methods to save data.

If, unfortunately, one day your computer suddenly stops working, and when determining the cause of this is due hard drive is dead. This error usually occurs when you accidentally drop the computer, or use the computer improperly … and if the correct hard drive dies, you need to have appropriate measures to avoid permanent loss of data. on your computer’s hard drive.

Hard drive dies, causes and solutions

Causes and ways of data recovery on dead mechanical hard drive

To answer the question of a dead hard drive can it be fixed? Data rescue mechanical drive has succeeded? We will together with you to learn about the phenomenon of this error, the cause of the hard drive failure situation and finally the way to save data.

1. Hard drive death phenomenon

If the hard drive works normally, when you touch the hard drive, you will feel a little light, this is due to the operation of the mechanical system inside the hard drive -> this is a normal hard drive phenomenon. When the hard drive fails, the so-called dead mechanical hard drive will have the following symptoms:

– Emit rattle, filter piles from inside the hard drive.
– Emitting noise caused by friction.
– When touching the hard drive without seeing the light content, the hard drive emits very small cries from inside.
– Hard drive rotates for 5 seconds then stops (for WD & SEAGATE hard drives).

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2. The cause of hard drive death

– The main and most common cause of dead hard drive errors is the hard drive of the user being hit and dropped by the hard drive. If impacted or dropped with strong mechanical force, the hard drive will become more and more powerful. If the hard disk is in an active state and has a great mechanical force, the damage will be worse when the hard drive is in the idle state (ie, the computer is turned off).

– The next reason can mention that is due to the durability of each hard drive as well as the life of the hard drive. For this reason, it will depend a lot on the purchase and use of each person.

A mechanical hard drive may damage the following parts:

– Failure of the reader: Due to a collision, the reader is not in its original position (collapsing onto the surface of the magnetic disc). If you plug in the power, the reader will collide with the surface of the disc to create a strange noise. As a result, the surface of the disc will be scratched. Therefore, after impacting, you should not perform power plug and turn on the machine right away, it is easy to cause the machine to be broken. If it is already damaged, it will be worse and worse, so it will be more difficult to recover data.

– Motor failure: If the motor is damaged, the magnetic disc cannot spin and there is a squeaking sound.

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SSDs should be used instead of HDDs to better protect the machine

3. Rescue data on a dead mechanical hard drive

Currently, data recovery on dead mechanical hard drives can be done, but recovering data on dead mechanical hard drives is quite complicated, requiring specialized machinery and equipment to handle personnel. must have sufficient capacity and experience.

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Here are three factors that determine whether to save data on a dead mechanical hard drive or not.

– Must have accurate components to replace.
– There are specialized equipment and machines to read data on the dead mechanical drive.
– The data recovery and recovery must be a qualified and experienced expert in data rescue.

Obviously with the above 3 factors, it is almost certainly that the normal user does not have it. Therefore, you will have to go to the computer data rescue support center to be tested and consulted before officially recovering dead hard drive data.

Above is the share about Hard-core error has died as well as answering the question of how to save hard drive data, what to do. If unfortunately you encounter this case, please review the share in this article again, and select a recovery address, professional data recovery for advice and timely support. In addition, you should refer Choosing to buy a laptop hard drive Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus here.


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