Hard drive health check software

Hard drive health check software

Free hard drive health checkups are currently available on the market but the quality is uneven, confusing to users, the following article will suggest you a list of Top 5 software Hard drive health check correctly, with the fastest working speed.

Hard drives over time will be difficult to achieve the original performance. To make an accurate assessment, check whether the hard drive is in good or bad condition, you can use the supporting software. Right now, Taimienphi will introduce you quickly to Top 5 hard drive health check software Best SSD, HDD, most efficient.

Free software for testing computer hard drives

Hard drive health check software

1. CrystalDiskInfo
Despite having been released for a long time, CrystalDiskInfo hard drive health checking software has always been highly appreciated and frequently used by many users. In its latest version, CrystalDiskInfo is upgraded to work well on Windows 10 environment and has a small capacity of just over 4MB.

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CrystalDiskInfo software performs hard drive scan and provides the most complete and accurate information such as hard drive name, capacity, manufacturer, current working speed, .. Don’t stop there, the software has optimally support, improve the performance of the old hard drive.
– Download the CrystalDiskInfo software here: Download CrystalDiskInfo

2. CrystalDiskMark
If rigorous, you can hardly consider CrystalDiskMark as hard drive testing software or health check SSD, HDD. Because the main function of this software is to help users quickly measure the speed of sequential or random data writing of the drive and scoring.

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Also by simply focusing on a single feature, CrystalDiskMark has extremely light weight, simple interface, and easy to get acquainted with new users. In addition, the software is capable of high speed processing, returning fast and accurate results.
– Download CrystalDiskMark software here: Download CrystalDiskMark

3. ATTO Disk Benchmark
Similar to Hitachi, ATTO is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of data storage and management in Japan. After it launched ATTO Disk Benchmark – its free hard drive health checkup software, it has become one of the most popular and used tools today.

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ATTO Disk Benchmark is capable of accurately assessing the performance of hard drives, defragmentation, timer tests, … measuring disk performance without damaging the files available on the device. were.
– Download the ATTO Disk Benchmark software here: Download ATTO Disk Benchmark

AS SSD health check software focuses on optimizing the ability to measure and evaluate the performance of SSD drives. The software performs two performance tests with the ability to randomize and sequential drive.

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AS SSD performs its tests without taking up cache memory. The software is able to work well on the latest operating system Windows 10.
– Download AS SSD software here: Download AS SSD

5. SSD Life
Like AS SSD Benchmark software, SSD Life also focuses on SSD hard drive testing and testing features. This tool assesses each microchip that stores data, thereby summarizing and making general reports on the performance of the entire hard drive.

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With SSD Life, you can know the exact life expectancy of your hard drive to have a backup plan or change before being completely corrupted. However, if you only use the free version, some features of SSD Life are limited and cannot be used.
– Download SSD Life software here: Download SSD Life

Through the content just shared, Taimienphi has listed, introduces to you the top 5 best hard drive health testing software today. Hopefully, with these useful tools, it will help you evaluate the working status of your hard drive accurately and quickly.


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