Hard drive partition on Windows 7, 8, 10

Performing a hard drive partition on Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 right after installing Windows or in the process of using the diskmgmt.msc tool available on the system is the way most people use computers today. instead of relying on 3rd party software.

On the market today, the trend of large capacity hard drives occupies a lot, you can easily own yourself a hard drive attached to a computer or a mobile hard drive without too many difficulties. what.

How to partition a hard drive on Windows 10, 8.1, 7

However, for hard drives like this, you should partition them, divided into smaller areas for easy management, if suppose a partition infected with Virus will not affect the entire hard drive. . The hard drive partition on Win 7 as well hard drive partition on win 8 is exactly the same

If using Win 10, you refer to how split hard drive Win 10 Here to proceed hard drive partition lossless data offline

How to partition a hard drive on Windows 10, 8.1, 7

Step 1: Click Start Menu -> type keywords Run section Search Programs and Files, open Run in Programs.

Dialog box Run opens -> type keywords diskmgmt.msc ->Enter or click OK, got it

How to operate on windown 7

Step 2: Window Disk Management Once opened, all available hard drives, including the connected USB device, will be automatically displayed.

To create a new partition from these hard drives, right-click on the one you want to divide and select Shrinhk Volume

ssd hard drive partition

Step 3: A dialog box appears, informing you the amount of space and disk space available. Enter the amount of space for the partition to be divided in a cell Enter the amount of space to shink in MB.

Click Shink

partition the new hard drive

Name the new partition and click OK, got it

Step 4: After you have created the new hard drive partition, proceed to reformat it.

Right-click the new hard drive partition ->New Simple Volume

hard drive partition install win

Step 5: Click next, a window showing the capacity of the newly created partition -> Click next

hard drive partition win 10

Step 6: Select the symbol letter for the new hard drive partition, click next

hard drive partition macbook

Step 7: Name the drive created Volume Label -> Next

ubuntu hard drive partition

Step 8: After setup is complete, click finish to close this window.

Hard drive partition is hidden

Back to the window Disk Management, now the new hard drive partition has appeared. To be sure, check if this partition has appeared in Windows Explorer not yet.

Hard drive partition does not lose data

With this way of partitioning your hard drive, you will not have to worry that the data available on the hard drive will be lost in the original drive. When you enter the amount of space for the upcoming drive, set the amount of space for the hard drive (GB) and convert it to MB (when multiplied by 1024MB).

GPT, GUID are 2 partitions on the computer hard drive, to learn about these 2 partitions, please refer to the article GPT and GUID partitions What is more for more details.

Understanding the difference between MBR Partition and GPT Partition, you will divide and merge partitions on hard drive more effectively, refer to the article the difference between MBR Partition and GPT Partition here.


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