Hide important documents as GIF images

Instead of using password protection software on folders like Kaka Folder Protector, you can hide these documents as image files, in GIF format, on your computer. Do this by following the operations of the following tutorial of taimienphi.vn.

Previously, betdownload.com used to guide you how to password protect folders with Anvide Lock Folder, in this article, it also helps you protect important documents but does not need to install any part at all. . Hiding documents or important files as an image file (GIF format) is a way to deceive others so that they do not pay attention to these image files when intentionally accessing your computer illegally.

Hide important documents as GIF images

Step 1: Place important documents in RAR format (using one of the best file compression and decompression software) and a GIF file in the same folder.

Put that folder in drive C (naming arbitrary, here taimienphi.vn name the folder Betdownload)

File explorer is saved in the file gif

Step 2: Open Command Prompt (refer to the article on how to start the Command Prompt)

Type the command cd C: Betdownload (Betdownload is the name of the folder located in the drive C: )

Step 3: Use parameters / B in the Copy command to hide important files.

With the following command

copy / B hinhanh.gif + tailieu.rar hinhanhmoi.gif

Inside :
hinhanh.gif: The image file is located in the folder at drive C.
tailieu.rar : The compressed file is located in the folder at drive C
hinhanhmoi.gif: The resulting image file (including images and compressed files inside).

Step 4: After setup is complete, access the drive again C: , open the folder you have placed, now in a new folder appears a new image is your image file and your compressed documents.

To view the documents inside, just right click on the new image ->Open With -> select the program to extract the compressed file (betdownload.com uses the software to extract and extract WinRAR).

Image file opened with WinRAR

Not too hard, right? Thanks to this method, you can keep the capacity of the drive when you do not have to install any additional software on your computer and still protect your important data. Hide other data in the form of image files by doing the same.


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