Hide keyboard shortcuts, show column rows in Excel

There are many keyboard shortcuts in Excel and most of the basic features have built-in shortcuts for users to use Excel faster, so what is the shortcut to hide the row in Excel, what is the shortcut shortcut column in Excel? ? The following article will show you more details about this.

In your opinion, whether the function to hide the row or the column needs keyboard shortcuts or not and if so What is the hidden row shortcut in Excel and what is the hidden column shortcut in Excel? A seemingly simple question, but many people cannot answer it. No answer is because you use this feature a lot, but by mouse movements rather than using keyboard shortcuts in Excel. This is completely wrong when learning Excel by the Excel keyboard shortcuts is the most important thing to help you learn and work with Excel faster and more efficiently.

Shortcuts hidden rows and columns in Excel

Hide keyboard shortcuts, show column rows in Excel

– Leave the shortcut keys to hide the line in Excel we use Ctrl + 9 or Ctrl + Shift + 9. Click once to hide and again to show again.

Film all the operations in Excel 2

– Leave the shortcut key column in Excel we use Ctrl + 0 or Ctrl + Shift + 0. Similarly click once to hide the column and click again to return to the old state.

Movie all displayed in Excel 3

Note the use of hidden row shortcuts in Excel or shortcut columns column in Excel is only effective when Your mouse is pointing to one or more columns and rows never mind. If not, then the above shortcuts will not be available.

With the answer above, surely readers already know the hidden shortcut keys in Excel or the shortcut column in Excel is like, right? This is just one of many problems that Taimienphi.vn received from readers in recent times. There are many questions that revolve around basic features such as line breaks in Excel …. Thereby it can be seen that Excel users still do not fully understand the process of learning Excel to be the best. That is also the reason that we need to cultivate more knowledge about Excel, especially through Taimienphi.vn’s articles about Excel, Word, PowerPoint or other tools included in Microsoft’s Ofice.

Basically, for all Excel users to memorize keyboard shortcuts is the first thing to learn. So with 50 keyboard shortcuts using Ctrl in Excel will be something you cannot ignore. The Ctrl key has a lot of functions in Excel and so you know as much keyboard shortcuts using Ctrl in Excel the better.

Not only keyboard shortcuts that use Ctrl, right here Taimienphi.vn would like to introduce you to 11 Excel keyboard shortcuts that help improve productivity. Keyboard shortcuts are research, refinements and practical use in your daily Excel workflow. Refer 11 Excel keyboard shortcuts Right here and memorize right after watching the lesson.


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