HJSplit – Fix and fix error “I / O error 123”

HJSplit is easy-to-use file splitting and splitting software because it doesn’t take much effort to install on your computer like other software. However, not so that an error does not occur, the error of this utility is mainly due to improper user. Betdownload.com will guide you how to fix error “I / O error 123”.

Along with the error “I / O error 112” then “I / O error 123” is a bug that many people encounter. Because HJSplit is a software that does not need to be installed on the computer, it can be used immediately after downloading to the computer, so all the problems you encounter in this software are mainly due to Use, improper use should occur this situation.

Cause, fix error I / O error 123

* Cause 1: Because the directory contains files written in Vietnamese.


Because HJSplit is software that only uses English as the main language, there is no support for another language. So the directory containing the files or files available inside must be saved by unsigned characters.

Unmarked folder

error i / o error 123

The files inside are also unsigned


* Cause 2: Do not match the names of the concatenated files.

Overcome: The paired files must be named the same, except for only the component name after

For example, you have 3 files split from a complete file. Name the file in the form abc.001, abc.002 or abc.003.

Error “I / O error 123” is a problem that many people who don’t pay close attention will get it. This is a very easy problem to resolve, but if you do not know how to solve it, it is very confusing, even though you have deleted the old version and installed the new version. In addition to HJSplit, you can replace it with other file-joining software included in betdownload.com.


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