HLOOKUP function in Excel, syntax and usage

HLOOKUP function in Excel, syntax and usage

The HLOOKUP function in Excel is a function used to search for any value of any thickness with certain conditions and return values. Most users apply the HLOOKUP function in searching data and to better understand how to use this type of function, the following guide will help you how to use the HLOOKUP function.

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As noted above, HLOOKUP function As one of the basic functions in Excel, the Hlookup function is used quite a lot today, the utility of the Hlookup function helps a lot in work and study. Specifically, it helps to look up values ​​in a table row or array of values, has a fairly simple syntax and usage, often used when the comparison values ​​are on a horizontal row, while when the comparative values If we are on a column, we will use the Vlookup function. This is one of the functions that are used quite a lot in Excel, helping you to refer to columns and rows to return exact results after satisfying the conditions. Because of its common use, readers should master how to use it through the following article with syntax and usage of HLOOKUP in Excel.

Hlookup function, syntax and usage

HLOOKUP function, the search function in Excel

Syntax: Hlookup (lookup value, lookup value table, row order number, search range)


Detector value table: Must be in absolute address form (by selecting a table and clicking F4), when choosing not to scan the title.

Range of search: If False (0) perform accurate detection, conversely, True (1) is relative detection.

To understand more about functions, consider the following two examples:

Example 1: Fill in the Academic Rank column for students based on the information table below:

You will use the Hlookup formula to make it

Ham hlookup in excel

With the formula in cell E6: = HLOOKUP (D6, $ B $ 16: $ F $ 17,2,1)

One note for you is that when you have finished typing D6 in HLOOKUP, then you scan the transcript and press F4, and select 2 as Rank, 1 here is TRUE (ie relative detection)

Ham hlookup in excel

So, above Taimienphi.vn has guided you how to use HLOOKUP function In Excel, you can search and reference values ​​in Excel spreadsheets, understand the syntax and usage of this function, which you can effectively apply into practice. In addition, you will find it much easier once you know how to use the Vlookup function. Also a conditional search function, Vlookup function is always selected to perform in work and study, Vlookup function will return the exact value that matches your conditions.

The calculation function is commonly used in Excel and the SUMIF function is a characteristic conditional sum function. The SUMIF function returns the value according to the conditions set by the user with the most accurate and fastest results.


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