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As one of the most valuable gym management software products available today, TimeGym is highly appreciated by the gym community. Inheriting the management features of the previous products such as membership management, package sales, attendance management, payment management … TimeGym also features the ability to manage online at all times. anywhere with just an Internet-connected device.

Considered to be an indispensable companion of all bodybuilders, TimeGym gym management software is increasingly improved and developed to bring the best experience and save the most management time for users. .

Latest update August 2018 – TimeGym Online has over 500 gyms across the country and downloadable for both PC and CH Play. No installation, no data saved to the device memory, TimeGym Online works completely with cloud technology – the most secure and user-friendly data storage technology today.
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The management of gyms such as Gym, Fitness, fitness, yoga, … By excel, it no longer works because it will take a lot of time and cost but it is not effective, leading to uncontrolled customers who have expired but not yet paid. TimeSOFT was born with the desire to provide a solution that combines software and identification devices such as fingerprint scanners, magnetic cards, chip cards, barcodes and control doors to help room owners easily manage rooms. do my Gym – Fitness even without the gym Easy remote management.

TimeSOFT gym management software is suitable for: Gym, Yoga, Kickfit, boxing, Thai wuay, Zumba, Aerobic and professional beauty centers (Beauty Salon) ….

The system uses high technology that has been widely applied in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, … Using technology to identify member information via fingerprints or through barcodes simply and accurately. Combined with the control door you can feel secure about your business activities, just need 1 employee to be able to operate the gym management. Special TimeSOFT also provided Camera gym management system Help ensure the security of gym and gym owner can monitor all activities of the gym at any time.

The prominent functions of TimeGym gym management software

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– Customer management: Statistics list of customers, customers who are practicing, customers who are borrowing items, checking in guests to practice.
– Sell: Managing import, delivery, inventory and inventory statistics.
– Service management: Manage promotions, hire coaches, rent lockers and workouts, swimwear.
– Financial management: Including management of revenues and expenditures, total funds.
– Employee manager: Including managing system user lists, employee lists, facility management, title management, shift management, etc.

Why should it be TimeGym and not any other gym management software?


1. Report with charts and data and allow file export
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With TimeGym gym management software, gym owners can view specific customer reports, manage gym card packages and promotions. In addition, the gym management software TimeGym also helps gym owners to output general reports and statistics using data charts – something that few software supports.
From these figures, gym owners will calculate the most detailed and accurate profit – loss level. At the same time, in the following months, there will be promotion, promotion and advertising strategies to boost sales more.

2. Online Management – Manage anytime, anywhere, any device!
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Currently, with the rapid development of information technology, the birth and growth of social networking sites, people have fully utilized and exploited scientific achievements for business. , his trade. A software product that must be installed on a computer hard drive and used offline has become obsolete.
In particular, choosing the software to sell gym TimeGym Online will help shop owners can manage the business activities of the gym right on the Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or any device connected to the Internet. Cloud management technology really brings efficiency and cost savings as well as maximum time savings for users.

3. Very easy to use, can master in just 30 minutes
With friendly interface and video system, detailed step-by-step documentation, you can completely master every function of the software within 30 minutes! Even those who do not know how to use a computer can still use it easily when instructed.

4. Paying recurring fees – self-interest: The software cost is broken down to help you reduce the financial burden when having to pay one time as other Offline gym management software. And TimeGym Publishers are also more focused on bug fixes, customer support, and feature updates.

5. Data is safe, absolutely confidential! Applying cloud computing technology, your data is stored and absolute security. Don’t worry about losing data when your computer crashes or reinstalling win.

There are also a number of other advanced functions depending on the model and characteristics of each gym, which we implement more advanced functions to help you manage and operate the gym effectively.

Tips: With the experience of deploying more than 400 hundred gyms across the country, we are confident to bring you the fingerprint reader part system that will minimize the losses that may arise for the use of membership cards. . There will be no more customers who forget the card, the customer lends it to others to use, the customer loses the card … If your gym is newly opened, using a magnetic card is an extremely effective solution for you .

On the card you can print your gym information, photos and phone numbers so members who will advertise the gym to their friends can help you. With this Gym and Mobile version of Gym Management software, we are completely free of charge for small establishments and free trial period for the first month to experience the software.

Customers interested in gym management software products can access the Website: http://timesoft.vn/ Or contact phone number: 0977.052.668


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