How do you answer the desire to work in the environment?

“How do you want to work in the environment?” is a question you will definitely come across no matter what the job interview. That means you will have to describe the work environment that you think is best suited to your personal personality and company conditions.

Interview This is not just a way for employers to assess potential candidates, it is also a tool for them to consider whether you are suitable for the characteristics of the working environment in their company or not. “How do you want to work in the environment?” is a question you will definitely come across no matter what the job interview. That means you will have to describe the work environment that you think is best suited to your personality and desires. Please refer to the website There are also some ways to help you express your ideal working environment and make a good impression on employers:

Instructions on how to answer how you want to work in the environment?

Table of Contents:
I. How to answer questions when interviewing.
1. Purpose of the question.
2. How to answer the question.
3. Mistakes to avoid.
II. Good answers.

I. How do you expect to work in the environment?

1. Purpose of the question

When asking the question “How do you want to work in the environment?” Employers usually have two main purposes. The first is to understand your potential at work. Many employees may become depressed or not fulfill their full potential when not feeling comfortable in the workplace. Second, they want to understand more about your personality to decide whether you fit into the company culture. Studies have shown that employees who are happy and inspired at work are much more productive than people who are dissatisfied with their surroundings. For that reason, and from the information you provide, the employer will see what type of person you are, and whether it fits their company culture.

2. How to answer the question

To answer the question of how you would like to work in the environment, you need to ensure that the information, Job application His recommendations are based on both your personality and current company conditions.

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You can plan your answers by following these steps:

– Express personal personality: The answer will help the employer see the traits that you have not had the opportunity to show during the interview. Therefore, it is very simple, you just need to show any characteristics of yourself that you think will increase your chances of matriculation. For example, you can say that you are proactive at work and expect a dynamic work environment.

– Based on the company’s model: Not only will your personal identity be answered, but your answer must be based on the model and the working environment of the company, which is why it is important to find out information before going to the interview. important. There are many companies that allow employees to work remotely when needed but in contrast, there are units that require high discipline; You can rely on this feature to give an answer to the above question.

– Emphasize your vision: Employers understand that those who have clear vision and development orientation are very hard working and passionate about the job. Therefore, you should also express your aspirations in the future to convince them.

– Show teamwork skills: Teamwork skills are very important in the workplace environment, so do not forget to show the employer your skills as well as how important it is at work. The ideal working environment is not where you will have to work independently, but where you can collaborate with many different people to produce the best possible results.

– Based on the company’s vision and strengths: Learn about the company’s mission and vision before you come for an interview; so you know what the company wants from you and what you get back when you work here.

– Research the working environment of the company before going to the interview: To be able to answer this question smoothly, you need to first understand the current working environment of the company. Don’t just rely on the information on their website, look in your friends list to see if anyone has been or is working here; That way, you get the most accurate information.

– Ask the interviewer about the working environment of the company: If you can’t find any information about your work environment, you can ask the interviewer yourself about their company culture. Then, adjust the answers yourself based on the information they have provided.

3. Mistakes to avoid

Your chances of matriculation will be greatly reduced if your personal development plan is not in line with the company’s vision. Always keep this in mind when responding to employers. In addition, there are some other errors you should avoid such as:

– Talking about working time: We all want to have flexible working hours or work remotely when needed, but this is not what employers want to hear. If necessary, try to convince the employer that you are always ready to meet the working time of the company.

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– Just focus on expressing yourself: The main purpose of an impressive interview is to convince the employer that you are in line with the job requirements that they offer. Therefore, avoid bragging too much about yourself; instead, focus on clarifying why you are the most suitable candidate.

– Express negative thoughts: Do not mention what will make you unhappy in the future. When you always talk about good things, you will make employers more confident and your chances of matriculation are higher.

II. Good answer to the question “How do you want to work in the environment?”

first. I have no idea what the ideal working environment is because of this flexibility. I can easily adapt to many different working conditions. I know my company is quite dynamic and wants to challenge me in such an environment.

2. I prefer a team working environment rather than an independent one because this is the best way to reach my full potential and overcome my weaknesses. The job requirements outlined in the description will also create opportunities for me to develop the knowledge and experience accumulated over the past time.

3. I am a very flexible person and can adjust myself in certain working environments. However, I must admit that I am especially suitable for a dynamic business environment, many young people – where every employee has the opportunity to assert themselves.

4. I am a fairly disciplined person. Therefore, the working environment with strict regulations on hours, deadlines, job requirements, …. will help me focus better on my work.
Above, introduced to you. How to answer how you want to work in the environment? To find out these Frequently asked interview questions Visit to have impressive skills and answers to employers when interviewing.


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