How does the touch screen work?

Touch screen is a type of screen that supports users to control the device through hand or stylus touch operations.

This technology makes operations more intuitive, shortens interaction time, changes traditional input methods and increases the display area of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation.

Touch screen is now a popular technology equipped on many devices such as smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets, electronic voting machines… One of the new applications of touch screens is the unlock feature. phone with biometric fingerprint scanner.

There are two basic types of touch screens:

  • Resistive touch screen technology is too old and no longer applicable.
  • Multi-touch capacitive touch is now common in the market with TFT or IPS panels, covered with a layer of tempered glass on the touch surface for impact resistance.

Structure of the touch screen

Touch screens are made up of several layers. In which, the display support panel is in the bottom layer, coated with a compound made of a flexible composite, and has different textures depending on the soft or hard screen. Above is the element to create brightness, IPS or TFT panels are placed next, then the touch layer. Tempered or plastic sheet on the top layer to protect the screen.

Currently, the protective layer on the top surface is mostly Gorilla Glass (manufactured by Corning) and Dragontrail (from Asashi Glass) which are many times more durable than ordinary glass to protect the screen from device shocks. device will come into contact during use.


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