How Ghost Win XP does not need a CD Boot, USB

How Ghost Win XP does not need a Boot CD, USB will be guided by in the article below. This method is used by many people, especially IT people. The Ghost Win XP method does not require a CD Boot, USB helps you avoid cumbersome steps.

If in the previous post you already know how ghost Windows XP with Hiren BootCD, then today you will have more experience Ghost Windows XP without Hiren cumbersome Boot disk

Guide Ghost Win XP without CD Boot, USB

Prepare Ghost file on the computer, download:

Ghost Win XP set

Download Ghost Win XP SP3

Or want to ghost the higher operating system:

Ghost Win 10 set

Download Ghost Win 10 Pro 64bit
Download Ghost Win 10 Pro 32bit

Ghost Win 7 set

Download Ghost Win 7 64bit
Download Ghost Win 7 32bit

Ghost Win 8 set

Download Ghost Win 8 64bit
Download Ghost Win 8 32bit

How Ghost Win XP does not need a Boot CD

To conduct Windows XP ghost without a boot CD, you need to download and install Norton Ghost on computers (right on the drive containing the operating system). You can download the latest version of Norton Ghost here: Download Norton Ghost

Step 1: Proceed to extracting and installing.

Copy the downloaded Ghost software to C drive, then open the program by right clicking and then selecting Rus as …

ghost win xp does not need the cd

Step 2: A new window appears, Browse …. The default Windows XP container is drive C. Select Install

ghost win xp doesn't need a cd boot

After Install then press any key to exit

Step 3: After installing the software successfully on your computer, you set the timeout for the Boot Menu.

You press the key combination Windows + R then type the phrase “sysdm.cpl”Into the dialog box.

ghost win xp does not need the cd

A new window will appear, navigate to the item Advandced, Then on Setting same picture

ghost win xp does not need the cd

In 2 frames as shown below, set the option to 15 seconds, this is the time the system will display the boot menu at boot. Then press OK, got it

ghost windown xp without dia cd

Step 4: After setup is complete proceed to reboot and select Symantec Nerton Ghost ….

ghost win xp does not need the cd

Step 5: Conduct Ghost Win as using a CD

Go to the program interface, select Local ->Partition -> select From Image

ghost win xp does not need the cd

Select the partition to save the file to Ghost And open the Ghost file

ghost win xp does not need the cd

Selecting hard drive partition to Ghost.

ghost win xp does not need the cd

The Ghost Win XP process does not require a bootable CD.

ghost win xp does not need the cd

When finished, Restart or Shutdown to restart or shut down the computer.

ghost win xp does not need the cd

Above we have just guided you how Ghost win XP does not need a Boot CD. So that you know more about Ghost Win XP, now you will not have to worry because the Win system is corrupted, you do not have to spend time reinstalling the operating system anymore.

In addition, if you are using Windows 7, do not want to reinstall Windows, you can also use the ghost win 7 method introduced by in a fairly detailed way, helping you to refresh your Windows 7. in the shortest time.

For Windows 8 users, too, instead of installing Windows 8, you should ghost ghost 8 with many useful ghost windows 8 including many software utilities already installed, just ghost finished win is already can use

Windows 10 is the latest operating system available today. So far, there have been quite a lot of ghost 10 win ghosts coming out to help users make ghost win 10 in the usual ways to save time and money.


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