How many shooting modes does PUBG Mobile have?

PUBG Mobile has many different types of guns and with each gun they have their own power and different shooting modes, in PUBG Mobile the shooting mode for each gun is very important and skillfully apply 3 modes. Shooting in PUBG Mobile will greatly increase your chances of winning.

In PUBG Mobile There are 3 shooting modes Auto, Burst and Single and below will be a guide to find out what these 3 shooting modes are as well as when to use them in PUBG Mobile to achieve the highest efficiency.

Summary of shooting mode in PUBG Mobile

Currently PUBG Mobile has the following versions, download the appropriate version below:

– Download PUBG Mobile for Android
– Download PUBG Mobile for iPhone

Shooting modes in PUBG Mobile

Auto mode

Auto, also known as Full Auto, is the most basic mode that most SMG, Rifle guns are equipped with such as UZI, UMP9, AKM, M4A1, … Auto mode will help you to be able to shoot continuously with only one click. This is the mode most used by most players, especially those starting with PUBG Mobile.

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Auto mode is often used in the case of close range shooting when you and the opponent are close to each other or can be used when shooting multiple opponents at once. Although the rate of fire will be very fast as you have to hold the gun to fire continuously leading to increased recoil and reduced accuracy. When using Auto shooting mode and want to shoot accurately, players need to be able to understand the recoil of the gun as well as each Scope to be able to pinpoint the mind to increase accuracy.

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Burst mode

Burst mode is a mode that helps you shoot 3 bullets in a single click with a faster firing speed but accompanied by the recoil will also greatly increase, leading to the accuracy will be reduced. This mode is also often used at close range and is often used in close contact and fast firing speed will be an advantage in gun battles with opponents.

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Not all guns have Burst mode. Some types of guns in PUBG Mobile support this shooting mode such as UMP9 or Vector. You can also use Burst in the case of long-range shooting if you already have accessories that reduce the recoil of the gun to increase accuracy to the highest level.

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Single mode

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Single is the basic mode that all guns in PUBG Mobile have when this is the shooting mode that helps you shoot each bullet in each click. Single mode is often used to shoot targets at a distance when the accuracy is quite high or can be used to snipe the enemy during long gun battles.

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Single mode is suitable for medium range such as X4 Scope, very high accuracy and all guns can be used in this mode. In the case of nearby enemies, this mode is not very effective when the rate of fire is much slower than Auto or Burst quite a lot.
Above are the 3 shooting modes in PUBG Mobile that players need to know and use proficiently in each case to create the greatest effect. There are many PUBG Mobile players who are trying the Chinese version, you can see the instructions How to play PUBG in China here.


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