How much is Windows 10 license?

How much is Windows 10 license?

In the past you could get a free upgrade from lower Windows to Windows 10 for free, but this program is now over. If you are interested in copyright, you can buy Windows 10 from Microsoft to get the best support policies. Find out how much Windows 10 license price will help you choose the operating system that best suits your needs and your budget.

Right before launch Windows 10 Always get a lot of attention from users of the Windows operating system or even other operating system users thanks. With elegant interface and promising Windows 10 will satisfy users even with users with weak computers. The advantage of Windows 10 operating system is that the installer has the same capacity as the previous operating systems but has many more superior features and the boot speed is also much faster.


When you install Windows 10, the system will ask you to enter the key / code to activate Windows 10. You need to have a license key purchased directly from Microsoft Store. Currently you can buy two versions of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Home suitable for individual subjects, will be reduced some features compared to the Pro version. On the other hand, version Windows 10 Pro Gives you more special features than the Home version. Therefore, the price of the Pro version is much higher than the Home version.

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Specifically, the price that Microsoft offers is $ 119 for Home and $ 199 For the Pro version, if you are a student, you get a $ 10 discount or if you already have the copyright Home version, you can spend an additional $ 99 to upgrade to the Pro version. However, when you visit Microsoft Store Vietnam, this price will be raised quite a lot, namely 3,499,000 VND with Home and 5,999,000vnd With the Pro version, this is a fairly high price to be able to own Windows 10 copyright.

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Hopefully, the price of Windows 10 that you know through the above article will help you make the most accurate choice in choosing the operating system that suits your budget. When you use Windows 10, you should set a win 10 password to prevent others from using your computer as well as make sure your data is not exposed.
If you do not want to pay any costs to use Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, you can refer to’s active win 10 180 days to have 6 months of great operating system experience. this great. Good luck !


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