How powerful is MP5K and Zima in PUBG Mobile? how to own

PUBG Mobile has just launched the latest update, the most notable is the MP5K gun and Zima, two new equipment has been launched, so what is the MP5K and Zima guns in PUBG Mobile? Friendship them?

The survival game PUBG Mobile is still developing very firmly and confirming its position in the shooting game village. Latest updates PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 appeared on November 8 brought a lot of interesting things for gamers, especially two new MP5K guns and Zima cars.

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The power of MP5K gun in PUBG Mobile.

sung mp5k zima car in pubg mobile how do you do so? 2

SMG gun line MP5K Can be equipped with almost all devices available in PUBG Mobile, the list is provided below:

– Magazine: System to expand the capacity of magazines
– Shock compensation (silencer).
– Handles, stock
– Sights / Scopes: Laser, three-dimensional vision, 2x, 3x, 4x and 6x close-up vision.
– Stocks

sung mp5k zima car in pubg mobile how do you do so? 3

MP5K has a high rate of fire and superior recoil with 33 damage, details below:

– Gun system: SMG
– Use bullets: 9mm
– Damage: 33
– Damage per second: 495
– Scope of influence: 100m
– Bullet speed: 380m / s

With the SMG line of guns, the low rate of fire and recoil is what makes them very strong at the beginning of the game and suitable for close-range or medium-range combat.

MP5K will be found on the map Vikendi instead of Vector.

The power of Zima cars in PUBG Mobile.

Zima vehicles are the latest vehicles in PUBG Mobile added at this update.

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Zima will be the UAZ replacement car in the Vikendi map and will only appear in the Vikendi map. This will be the easiest vehicle to drive in snowy terrain with its grip and slip resistance, making it the top choice on the Vikendi map. Despite being slower than other vehicles, Zima’s ability to resist damage is extremely high and can be a barrier for you in gun battles in bare terrain.
Above is the details of the power of the new MP5K gun and the new Zima vehicle in the Vikendi map. You can see the details What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 here.


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