How timid Windows 10 sound is handled?

If you are experiencing the sound of Win 10 sound, the sound is not clear and often there are very loud sounds, the article below Taimienphi will answer these questions as well as share how to fix the Win sound 10 got scratched quickly.

The new operating system Windows 10 brings many outstanding improvements to the user, but with some users after upgrading to Windows 10, they have problems with sound problems on Windows 10 that are loud. There are many causes of this phenomenon from subjective to objective, so depending on the specific case that readers can refer to. how to handle timid win 10 audio Taimienphi share right away.

The cause of the Win 10 sound is timid

– Because your computer has used for a long time, the diaphragm was torn.
– Because you usually open the speaker capacity.
– Because you installed the wrong drivers.
– Due to the strong external force, the device’s RAM is loose, this also leads to the cable connecting the main unit and the speaker is loose or may even fall out.

How timid Windows 10 sound is handled?

1. Check connections

When encountering the problem of sound of Windows 10 when the headset is plugged in, the first thing you need to do is to check all the jacks, sometimes due to loose pins or unused connectors. It is possible that dirtying will cause the pin to contact the jack is limited or you may even find the headphone jack is a bit loose when plugged into the computer, so for now try gently plug and turn slowly until when the sound is heard. If you are reluctant, try plugging the headset directly into another laptop or computer.

2. Update the audio driver

After updating Windows 10, the audio driver may be in conflict with an application that we do not know or the sound driver is too old, incompatible with the current version, causing a computer sound error. To solve this problem, we can reinstall the audio driver for the computer.

Step 1: From the user interface, you press the key combination Windows + R, import devmgmt.msc Go to the Run dialog box and click Enter or OK, got it

what is the win 10 audio output 2

Step 2: In the Device Manager window, double-click Sound, video and game controllersRight-click the audio driver name, and then select Update Driver Software as shown below.

What is the win win 10 title bar 3

Step 3: The driver update dialog appears, here you will have 2 options

Search automatically for updated driver software: Automatic driver updates

Browse my computer for driver software: Browse on the computer if you have already downloaded the audio driver package.

what is the win 10 error bar 4

If selected Search automatically for updated driver software Windows system automatically finds the latest version for you.

what is the win 10 error bar 5

Where you choose Browse my computer for driver software and having difficulty finding audio drivers for computers, readers can use the software DriverEasy with the ability to update the latest driver to the system works in the best state.

After you have completed the above steps and the sound of Windows 10 is still timid, it may be because the hardware has been damaged. If you are a laptop, you need to bring it to a repair center for inspection or replacement. For desktops that use external speakers, the best way is to try plugging the speaker into another device to determine exactly where the error is.

what is the win 10 error bar 6


– Do not open at full volume Volume, because you open at full capacity of the speaker will cause it to be timid and probably will burn. The recommended level is from 50% to 70% of the volume capacity.

– Limiting the strong impact on laptops: If you often exert strong external forces on the laptop or drop the laptop, it may affect the cables connecting the main and other components of the machine as well as speakers make speaker is shy. If you often travel long distances, you should use shockproof bags to protect the laptop best.

So above is the share to help you fix the sound error win 10 timid, hope the article will bring good effects for your computer. Also in the case that your laptop has lost its voice, lost its voice and could not hear anything, please refer to the way fix laptop sound loss to avoid having to go to a shop to fix a lot of money while you can completely fix it yourself.
Where the headset is shy, you refer to how fix timed headphones Here to fix the error and not have to buy a new headset offline.


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