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How to access Deepweb with Tor Browser


DeepWeb, a term that makes us all – those who frequently access the Internet to look up information curious about it. through the article below will guide you how to access deepweb with Tor Browser so that you can satisfy your curiosity about DeepWeb.

The information we read and see every day accounts for only 3% of the data of the Internet and is easy to exploit through search engines like Google, the rest is DeepWeb. DeepWeb is a website whose content is hidden and not listed directly on the Internet. DeepWeb can be considered the underworld of the Internet world they know. Of course, you won’t be able to access the deepweb in the usual way. The following article will guide how to access deepweb with the Tor Browser.

How to access deepweb with Tor browser

How to access deepweb with Tor Browser

You can refer to the article How to install the Tor Browser If you still don’t know how to install the Tor Browser

Step 1: You can start the Tor Browser with an icon or in an external browser settings folder on the Desktop

access deepweb with browser 2

Step 2: After the boot process is completed, a dialog box appears with 2 cases.

access deepweb with browser 3

– If your network is unrestricted and using Tor is not blocked, blocked or managed, you can directly select Connect to access the deepweb with Tor Browser.

access deepweb with browser 4

– If your network is restricted, the use of Tor is blocked, then click Configure to establish a bridge for the Tor Browser

Step 3: You choose Yes and click next to continue

access deepweb with browser 5

Step 4: You set the default and click next

access deepweb with browser 6

Step 5: Here you will be asked if you want to use an internal proxy to access it. This article will choose to be No (no).

In case you want, you can check the regular browser settings and copy over proxy settings. (In Firefox you can find these settings in Options => Advanced => Tab Network under Connection Settings. In other browsers, you can find this information under Internet Options. You can also use this. Use the Help feature inside your browser for further assistance.

access deepweb with browser 7

Step 6: The system starts connecting to the Tor Browser

access deepweb with browser 8

Step 7: The interface of the Tor Browser

accessing deepweb with browser 9
Above is how to access deepweb with the Tor Browser. Hopefully, through this article you can master the Tor Browser setup to access DeepWeb and learn about it. Good luck.



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