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How to access Facebook is blocked on Laptop, PC, Android, iOS


If unfortunately, the connection to Facebook is blocked on Laptop, PC, Android, iOS due to the network’s origin, but you have an important job, need to handle on this social network, try immediately ways. Below to access Facebook when blocked on your computer or phone!

Facebook is blocked Failure to enter is the reason why users are confused about how to handle it. Many way to login Facebook Blocked has been instructed to make it easier for users to access Facebook.

Coc Coc is evaluated as a Web browser that helps access Facebook when it is blocked quite well Log into Facebook with Coc Coc browser

The ways to access Facebook are introduced in the article

1. On the phone
With Android
With iOS
With Windows Phone

2. On the computer
Method 1
Method 2
Method 3
Method 4
Method 5

In the following article we show you how to do it on laptops and PCs. If you Need to go to Facebook on your phone then refer to the article How to access Facebook is blocked on the phone with a few taps you will do easily

Go to Facebook when you are sad

How to access Facebook when the latest blocked 2020

Facebook has become a hobby, is the online life of many people. But sometimes Facebook access is very difficult, even inaccessible. Many people think that it is blocked by the networks of FPT, Viettel, VNPT, … blocking. In fact, Facebook blocked it

Even the writer before making this article is also very difficult to access Facebook, this morning friends also texted, called thanks to Facebook when blocked. The request is to find a plan to Facebook ?! And I have found a way to successfully access Facebook on computers and phones.

Here we only summarize the simplest and most effective methods to access Facebook when blocked or for some reason, you cannot access Facebook. We prioritize options in top-down order. There are also some sharing on fakeIP on Facebook, but we recommend that you do not use it because your account will be blocked or blocked by Facebook to continue to access, very complicated.

Ways to access Facebook when blocked in Vietnam

1. Go to Facebook blocked on phone

Tips Before reading the section below, you do this operation first

Some of you even on your phone already have a browser but still can’t access Facebook. Now, at the link of the Facebook page, you add m. in front of Facebook
Specifically the path is: Now you add m. Fort or if you remember your profile then you Enter the link to the personal page mine.
For example:

* For Android phones
Method 1: Use the Opera browser
(Applies to Android phones using Google Chrome, Firefox can’t access Facebook)

If the above I recommend using the Flag + Chrome to access Facebook when blocked on the computer, then for Android phones using the browser you use Opera browser for Android. (I was also quite surprised and asked why there is no version of Chrome + Mobile)

How to access Facebook on your phone

Download Opera browser for Android where?

– It’s simple, you download directly Opera for Android and install
After downloading Opera browser for Android, you can go to Facebook when blocked on normal Android phones
Important note: After installing Opera browser for Android, go to the Browser menu and select it Settings
Section Opera Turbo, you choose Always on (the default is Always off). Enable this feature to allow you to access Facebook faster, even when blocked.

Facebook bi chan

Method 2: Use the Hotspot Shield App
In another case, you use Hotspot Shield. Similar to Opera browser for Android, You download it Hotspot Shield for Android and install

How to access Facebook with hotspot shield

Access to Facebook is blocked with Hostpot Shield

* For iOS phones (iPhone, ipad, …)
(For iOS phones, here I guide the implementation on the iPhone / iPad)
Method 1: Go to Facebook on iPhone / iPad by changing Proxy (device using wifi)
You on Settings (settings) choose WIFI and select the network to be accessed. Pull down section PROXY HTTP, select Manual
Here you enter.
Port: 80
After installing, go to Facebook from the browser and receive the results.

Method 2: Change DNS
Changing DNS is the simplest and easiest way to help you use the Facebook application or other applications associated with Facebook, download photos, view comments and do everything the applications support. Very easy when you read just follow these steps:
Step 1: First, from the user interface, you access the application Settings (Settings) and tap on Wi-Fi.

to Facebook on iPhone when blocked

Step 2: Next, click on the icon (i) The corresponding wifi name you are connecting as shown below.

to Facebook on iPhone when blocked

Step 3: The information interface of the IP address of the device appears, guys Click on the DNS line >delete old DNS Go and enter one of the following DNS into:
Google DNS: or
OpenDNS: or

to Facebook on iPhone when blocked

* For Windows Phone phones (HTC, Nokia Lumia 1320, 1520, 1020, 925, 720, 625, 525, 520,)
Access to Facebook is blocked by changing the DNS
This is how always wants users to use, because it is easy and safe for your computer. Also with this way will help you easily access Facebook keep access speed at its maximum do not have to go through intermediary proxy.
Depending on the operating system you are using, there are different ways to change DNS, please read the article Change DNS to better understand this issue.
After entering the DNS change, you replace with the following DNS range.

Tips If not, try this DNS range:

2. Instructions to Facebook when blocked on the computer

Method 1: Access Facebook by changing DNS

In general, the way to change DNS on your computer does not change much between versions of Windows XP and Windows 10.
Step 1: Right-click the network icon located in the Windows system tray, click the item Open Network and Sharing Center.

wait on Facebook

Step 2: Click the wired or Wi-Fi network icon in the box Connection.

Login to Facebook

Step 3: In the network status interface, click the item Properties.

How to change dns on Facebook when blocked

Step 4: At the interface to adjust network parameters, go to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4). Click on this protocol and continue to click Properties.

Dns on computer

Step 5: By default, the computer will always automatically retrieve any DNS address so users do not need to customize it but for some reason, that DNS may be the reason why users cannot access Facebook due to being DNS blocking. Thus, setting up and changing DNS will reset the access path to Facebook as usual.

How to use on computer

In the tab General, you tick the item Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the following DNS:

8 8 8 8
8 8 4 4


208 67 222 222
208 67 220 220

Finally hit OK, got it >OK, got it to confirm DNS changes on the computer.

Method 2: Go to Facebook by editing the Host file

This is one of the good ways but many people find it difficult to repair and change. You even have questions about modifying the host file to access Facebook when being blocked is harmful to the computer. According to the personal researcher of this article, changing, editing this host file does not affect your computer.

To edit the host file, please read how to edit Edit the host file (Here we write quite detailed how to edit, including not changing, not saving, not editing the host file)
After opening the host file, add the following to the end of the host file

Attention: Some of you changed the host file but couldn’t because of the permission limitation, please refer to the file host’s change here: Error not fixing the host file


Method 3: Go to Facebook with a web browser

How to access Facebook using a web browser using two web browsers: Coc Coc and Tor Browser with firewall function to access Facebook or blocked websites easily. In that browser CocCoc is one of the most user-friendly browsers available for Vietnamese users due to its Vietnamese interface and YouTube video download support.

How to access Facebook with Coc Coc browser we have introduced above.
Way Access Facebook with the Tor Browser

Method 4: Use the software to access Facebook

– The use of software sometimes makes your computer slow, for weakly configured computers, I recommend that you use one of the two ways to access Facebook when blocked. However, to be able to “fly” while being blocked, perhaps many people will choose this way. This method is suitable for those who have little experience working with computers

Depending on the device you are using, guys Download Facebook

For Android devices: Download Facebook for Android
For iOS devices: Download Facebook for iPhone
For Windows Phone devices: Download Facebook for Windows Phone
For weakly configured Android devices: Download Facebook lite

Software Utrasurf latest version that may go to Facebook Relatively good, without any extra work, download: Ultrasurf

If you do not know how to use ultrasurt refer to: How to access Facebook with UltraSurf

Note that this software only has 1 single file that you just click to run, it will automatically associate with the browser, remember to close the browser and reopen the browser to receive settings from ultrasurt.

Useful Articles

– Utrasuft
– Hotspot shield
– DNS Jumper

Some other ways to fix the error of not being able to access Facebook when being blocked, but requiring users with knowledge of new information technology can be easily done. I will learn and write additional so that unfamiliar people can do it. Please come back next time. Now I will guide you to Facebook on your phone.

Method 5: Go to Facebook with Windows application

Refer: How to Access Facebook on Win 8.1
Refer: How to Access Facebook on Win 10

Some of you want to see your Facebook account but can’t see it because their Facebook has restricted access only people who already have a Facebook account can access to view information, so you need to register. Facebook on your phone and log in to view it.

So far, the writer has not seen any response to access to Facebook on blocked Windows phones. If you encounter this case, please email us at We will learn and support you as soon as possible.

In general, there are many ways to access Facebook, applicable to computers, laptops and phones (Android, ios, windows phones, …) However, through the above section, I found the hotspot shield is a utility. quite good to be able to overcome the situation of not being able to access Facebook, of course, anyone who uses hotspot shield also sees the machine running a bit slow, but with accessing Facebook when blocked, this is still the way that many users.

It can be said that Facebook has been and is the most attractive social network on the internet, every day there are thousands of visits and sharing information and videos on this social network. Therefore, as soon as Facebook was blocked, the number of people trying to get into Facebook was suddenly increased, the number of users accessing the previous popular video-sharing social networks such as Youtube or other news networks decreased. The need to download Facebook videos and read news on Facebook is increasing.

However, there are still some countries as well as some wifi hotspots that cannot log in to Facebook. So, what should users do when Facebook is blocked?

To be able to access Facebook, users must register for Facebook, create a Facebook account for themselves later Login to Facebook with gmail or the new phone number can access to share information and update many other information on the internet
Also you can use the above way blog blocked Please. Blog is a social network that is also popular with many young people and often writes and shares articles about everything in life, changing when the blog is also blocked like Facebook, so the blog entry is blocked. Stars will be more interested you



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