How to access multiple remote computers with Ultraviewer

How to access multiple remote computers with Ultraviewer

UltraViewer does not currently support access to multiple remote computers, but interested users can easily break this limit of UltraView software to connect and control multiple devices at the same time if real. Now follow the steps in the procedure shared by Taimienphi.

Currently, Ultraviewer does not yet support the feature access multiple computers remotely for users. When you want to control another computer remotely, you must turn off the connection to the computer that is connected.

How to access multiple computers remotely using Ultraviewer

However, you still can control multiple computers remotely by Ultraviewer through a small trick of Taimienphi. But before going to learn how to do it, users need to install this software on a computer. If not, you can download the latest Ultraviewer now in the link below.

– Download the Ultraviewer software here: Download Ultraview

How to access multiple remote computers with Ultraviewer

Every time you open a program on the Windows operating system, the system automatically creates a working version with the section Username Also your computer login account name. With most programs, games, … today, users can only run one version with a corresponding account name.

Therefore, to access multiple computers remotely With Ultraviewer, you need to open multiple versions of it by running this software as many other users. Below, Taimienphi will give you a quick guide on how to Create a second user account on your computer on Windows 10 operating system version.

Step 1: Right click Start with the Windows icon located in the lower left corner of the screen and select Settings .

Access many computers from the state of ultraviewer

Step 2: At the window Windows Settings has just appeared, click on the item Accounts .

  ultraviewer, software remote access

Step 3: Looking at the index column on the left, find and click on the item Family & other people . Then click on Add someone else to this PC .

How to access many ultraviewer remote computers

Step 4: A new dialog box will appear asking you to enter your phone number or email to login. Please choose I don’t have this person’s sign-in information to skip this step.

Access many ultraview remote computers

Step 5: The system continues to ask you to register a new Mircrosoft account. In this step, please press Add a user without a Microsoft account to create a username without registering.

Access many computers from the state of ultraviewer

Step 6: In the window Create user accounts , enter your name, password, security question. After entering the information, click next to complete.

Access many computers from the state of ultraviewer

So you’ve created yourself a user account on the computer. If successful, the system will display as the following illustration.

Access many remote computers with the UltraView software

Step 7: Now that you have 2 user accounts, open an Ultraviewer version the usual way. To open another version of Ultraviewer, hold the key Shift and Right click Click on the application icon, select Run as different user .

Access many remote computers from ultraview state

Step 8: A new dialog box opens asking for login information, please Enter your username and password of the newly created user account. Press OK, got it to continue.

Access many computers from the state of ultraviewer

On the desktop of the computer, 2 Ultraviewer windows appear. At this time you Enter the ID and password to access another computer as usual.

Access many computers from the state of ultraviewer
Taimienphi has just instructed how to access multiple remote computers with Ultraviewer simply without having to install other supporting software. To control more computers, you just need to create additional user accounts by following the steps above. During the procedure access multiple computers remotely , if you have any questions, please leave a comment below this article. Taimienphi will help you answer in the shortest time. You refer to how to change password Ultraviewer here. Good luck!


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