How to access the network faster on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS when the cable is broken

How to access the network faster on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS when the cable is broken

The problem of persistent undersea cables causes users to cry out of slow network speed, but faster access on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS will help you temporarily solve the problem of slow network access. due to fiber optic faults, ensuring your learning and working needs.

The problem of AAG optical cable break often happens unexpectedly and mainly in Hong Kong segment, connecting with Vung Tau. There are many causes for this situation, maybe due to weather, optical cables affected by external forces, … We do not mention the cause anymore, now focus on how to increase access speed. The Internet is in this situation.

AAG fiber optic cable disruption works for many users, especially credit institutions, companies with business relations with foreign countries. Because emails or job exchanges are now being done primarily via Gmail or Facebook, … For those who regularly check, send and receive gmail can refer to the article how to get to Gmail fast when the cable is broken so that it is easy to check mail.

However, there are many ways to improve the speed of accessing the network faster on both PC and mobile operating systems. For many users, the easiest way to speed up network access due to optical fiber breaks, is to change the DNS to redirect the domain name resolution server.

How to access the network faster on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS when the cable is broken

The most common, easiest way to do faster network access is to change the network access DNS

1. For computers running Windows

– Method 1: Refer to the article: How to change DNS on Windows

– Method 2: Use the software to change DNS, use other software to change DNS with more adjustment functions, you can find outstanding software such as Spotflux or DNS Jumper. In that DNS Jumper is more appreciated

how to access faster on windows mac android ios when disabled

DNS Jumper is an application that allows users to change internet access to blocked websites, especially on Facebook that is not blocked. Meanwhile, Spotflux creates an encrypted connection of IP and DNS addresses so that your online information and identity is absolutely secure, thereby helping you to surf the web more safely.

2. For Mac OS X operating system

Apple’s computer operating system (Mac OS X) has a fairly different setup than Windows. Please follow the instructions below of

Step 1: Click the Wi-Fi icon in the notification bar, select Open Network Preferences

Step 2: Continue to choose Advanced> DNS

The access method is very high on windows mac android ios when it is disabled

Step 3: Click on the plus icon, enter another DNS address and click Apply> OK to save.

How to access your hair is high on Windows Mac Android iOS when the device is disabled

3. For Android devices

Method 1: Reference way Change DNS on Android.
Method 2: Using software: There are quite a lot of software that help you change DNS on Android, one of which is DNS Changer software for Android, you can easily change DNS on Samsung Galaxy, Zenfone 2, … Using DNS Changer for Android only supports Android 2.1 and above

4. For Windows Phone devices

Windows Phone is a rather difficult platform to use. Therefore, changing dns on winphone will also need different actions than other operating systems.

* Refer to tutorial article Change DNS on Winphone.

Some phones currently running Winphone such as Lumia 730 or Lumia 920 cannot access the network, or access Facebook, blogs due to the wrong DNS address. Changing DNS will now be the most effective way to unblock and gain access to the Internet faster.

How to access the browser faster on windows mac android ios when disabled

5. For iOS devices

And for iOS devices such as iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s, iPad …, change dns, fix dns iphone to access the Internet, Facebook or blog faster can be done on devices that have been jailbroken or not jailbroken .

* Reference way Change DNS on iPhone.

Accessing instructions is faster on windows mac android ios when disabled

Decreased network speed due to optical cables has been a concern of many people due to the significant effects of poor network access. However, before such force majeure issues, instead of being helpless before the situation, you can completely fix the slow network when the cable is disconnected in many ways. After a while slowing down, it is certain that the transmission line will stabilize soon after.

Besides, if you are always interested in keeping a close eye on your network speed, you can use tools like SpeedTest to check your internet speed, and use other different ways to increase network speed.
Good luck!


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