How to add a GPX file to Google Maps

In addition to the KML format that Google allows users to add on Google Maps to view the map more conveniently, there are also other formats such as GPX. However, not all users know how to add this type of format to their Google Maps. Please also follow steps below to add GPX format to your device.

GPX is basically JPG of the world map data. This format easily shares map data with users and allows these map data to be viewed on most of their devices. However, when uploading this format on Google Maps, it is still possible to create unnecessary data. So the next thing you need to do is convert your GPX into a KML file to use on this platform.

Instructions for uploading GPX files on Google

– Download Google Maps for Android
– Download Google Maps for iPhone

How to convert GPX to KML

Step 1: Open the browser on your computer and access to the address website:

How to add gpx file to google maps 2

Step 2: Next, you scroll down to see the box Get started now and you proceed to select the item Google Maps in section Choose an output format .

How to add gpx file to google maps 3

Step 3: In the section Upload a GPS file Above you proceed Upload the GPX file on your computer and click select Map it .

How to add gpx file to google maps 4

How to add GPX to Google Maps

Step 1: Visit: and proceed to login your account.

Step 2: Select the item Create a new map

How to add gpx file to google maps 5

Step 3: A map will pop up to find the item Import

How to add gpx file to google maps 6

Step 4: Choose GPX file converted to KML in the previous step from your device and proceed upload .

How to add gpx file to google maps 7
So the article above I have completed for you the steps to add GPX to Google Maps. Also, a lot of you when using Google on your device will get the error not working, not working, so how to handle when Google Maps not working How, readers can refer to the article on offline.


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