How to add Google Drive, One Drive to the Send To menu to right-click Windows 10

In the daily work on your computer, especially the work related to Office, you must often share or sync your documents to Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box. However, to share these files online takes quite a lot of cumbersome operations. Today, will show you how to share files on Google Drive, One Drive in the fastest way.

When using File Explorer on Windows 10, you might notice the Send to feature in the right-clicking menu. Usually this feature is often used to create Shortcuts for a certain application on the Desktop. However, the Send to feature can add quick file sharing operations with Google Drive or One Drive.


Step 1: First, you need to download and install the Google Drive application on your computer. If you do not know how to install and use you can refer to the tutorial article install Google Drive and follow.

– After installation is complete, navigate to the Shortcut or Google Drive folder, right-click and select Copy.

how to add google drive menu to fade

Step 2: Use key combinations Window + R to open the dialog box Run, then enter the following link:

% APPDATA% Microsoft Windows SendTo then press Enter or press OK, got it.

how to add google drive menu to fade

Step 3: Send to folder appears, right-click on any location, select Paste.

how to add google drive menu to fade

– Adding Google Drive to the Send to menu is completed.

how to add google drive menu to fade

Step 4: You can also add the same with One Drive or any sync application.

how to add google drive menu to fade

Step 5: Not only that, you can also move a certain folder to facilitate the transfer of documents in your computer.

how to add google drive menu to fade
Thus, has shown you how to add Google Drive to the Send to right-click menu to better use Google Drive. You can refer to the article Recover data on Google Drive to learn how to Recover deleted data on Google Drive. Wish you manipulate and have a good working day. In addition, the search tips are also good for you if you are new to Google Drive, read more articles about Search tips in Google Drive to use the software more effectively.


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