How to add links in WordPress

How to add links in WordPress

Previous articles introduced you to WordPress, control panel in WordPress as well as how to install WordPress, the following article will guide you how to insert links in WordPress so you can place more. Links to articles or links other than the web.

By inserting links in WordPress to link other articles or websites is one way to drive traffic to your website. If you do not know how to do, refer to the article how to add good links Insert link in WordPress Below of for more details.

How to insert links in WordPress, add links in posts

How to add links in WordPress

Follow the steps below to insert more links in WordPress:

Step 1: In WordPress, click Pages =>All Pages.

inserting links in wordpress 2

Step 2: On the screen will display a list of pages created in WordPress as shown below. Choose any page to insert more links. In this tutorial, will insert the links into the About Us page (introduction).

inserting links in wordpress 3

Step 3: Select any sentence or word you want to insert the link. In this tutorial is insert link on from Lorem.

inserting links in wordpress 4

Step 4: After clicking on the Insert / Edit link icon, a popup window will appear.

inserting links in wordpress 5

Your task is to fill the fields in the popup window:

URL: Enter the URL you want to insert.
Link text: Insert the text you want to insert the link in WordPress.
Open link in a new window / tab: Open links in new windows or tabs. Check the box next to the option when required.
Or link to existing account: Add links on the current page by selecting the page listed in the list. Click here Or link to existing account, the list of pages and posts will be displayed as shown below:

inserting links in wordpress 6

After selecting a specific page or post from the list, links will be created in the URL frame. Your task is to click Add Link.

Step 5: When you hover over the word Lorem, the link caption will appear on the screen as shown below.

inserting links in wordpress 7

Click here Update button to update the changes in your page or post.
So above has just taught you how to add links in WordPress. If you do not know how to install WordPress, read the article Install WordPress on Localhost of to know how to do it.


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