How to adjust the date and time of taking photos on Google Photos

Google Photos now offers a lot of features for you to use, like editing images on Google Photos with more advanced photo editing options or editing the date and time of photos taken on Google Photos. By default, when taking a photo saved on Google Photos, it will display a lot of information including the date and time the photo was taken. However, for some reason you want to change the date and time. The following article will guide you to adjust the date and time on Google Photos.

Instructions to adjust the date and time of Google Photos photos on your phone

Step 1:

First of all, we need to update the Google Photos application on the phone to the latest version, then you open the application and the image you want to change back to the date and time taken.

Step 2:

You scroll down below will see the time to take pictures, we click pen icon to edit.

Step 3:

Displaying the shooting date and time, we click on the date to change the shooting time for the photo.

Instructions to adjust the time to take photos of Google Photos PC

Step 1:

First, you access Google Photos on your computer, then open the image you want to change the shooting time. At the interface you click letter i . symbol to view information of the image.

View Google Photos PC photo information

Step 2:

Now on the right edge of the screen displaying the information of the photo, we click pen icon at the time section.

Google Photos PC photo date correction

Step 3:

Display the interface for you to enter the time to take a new photo. Done entering press Save to save the new time for the image.

Change the date of taking photos of Google Photos PC


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