How to adjust the line width in Word 2019

How to adjust the line width in Word 2019

Are you using the latest Office and don’t know how to adjust line widths in Word 2019? Is it difficult to adjust the size of the line? Let’s explore alignment steps in Word 2019 through the following article content.

MS Word There are many different useful features that users can use to create text and documents with nice layout. Base manipulation Adjust the line width in Word done quite simply, even easier than manipulating you aligned in Word. In general, these two operations are all about resizing lines in Word so that they have a nice and reasonable layout so that when printing on paper, you will see neat content, no shifts or overflow and especially Standard.

Adjust the line width in Word to help documents have nice, logical layout

Instructions to adjust the line width in Word 2019

For Word 2019, you can basically do the same for lower versions of Word such as Word 2016, 2013 or 2010. You can customize the width of the line by following these steps:

Step 1: Open Word 2019, on the software toolbar -> move your mouse to the View tab -> select the item ruler to open the bar in Word. In case the Ruler item is not displayed as described in the image below, please refer to the way display Ruler in Word Here and follow the instructions.

Main ways to work in word 2019 2

Step 2: Manipulating line widths in Word is easy to do. When you show the bar measure ruler If successful, you will see a horizontal ruler and a vertical ruler (the width and length of the print format). On the bar ruler, you will see there are 2 spearhead symbols at the ends of the ruler. The position of each spike will correspond to the limit of the line as you type the text. Therefore, if you need to increase or decrease the size of the line -> you just need to use the computer mouse to move to the position of these 2 icons -> then make adjustments as you like.

Main ways to work in word 2019 3

Step 3: As a result, after you adjust the line width in Word, you will see that the size of the line has been changed compared to the original without adjustment.

Main ways to work in word 2019 4

With way Adjust line width in Word 2019 just introduced above is quite simple, isn’t it! Perhaps this is the most basic and simple operation that almost any text editor knows when working in Word. However, there will be new people who are new to drafting, so we still give detailed instructions and hope to help them.
In addition to increasing or decreasing the line width in Word to help the document content become more neat, beautiful and standard, you should also combine other good features on Word 2019 such as line spacing in Word or how to create tables in Word. .. and many other interesting features are waiting for you to discover. Good luck!


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