How to adjust the mouse speed in Windows 10 the easiest

How to adjust the mouse speed in Windows 10 the easiest

Tweak the mouse speed in Win 10 to help you use comfortably, improve work efficiency. However, most people are accustomed to leaving the mouse settings at the default or trying to get used to those initial settings. Equipment is for human service. In this article, Taimienphi will guide you how to install, adjust the mouse speed in Win 10.

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How to adjust the mouse speed on Windows 10

However, have you ever wondered if you can set up your basic mouse as fast and intelligent as high-end mice? The answer is: Have. Instruction content adjust mouse speed in Win 10 Taimienphi will present below is what you need.

1. Customize mouse speed in Win 10:

+, Introduce 4 basic mouse settings

In Win 10, you have lots of ways to access Mouse Settings. The easiest way is to press the key window on the keyboard and type “Mouse Settings” so that the operating system’s search function automatically suggests results.

Or you can follow the standard way of clicking Start Click the gear icon to enter Windows Settings> Devices and choose mouse will produce the same result.

The main method of running on Windows 10 2

The main method of running on Windows 10 3

At the window Mouse Settings You will see 4 basic settings, which are:

Select your primary button: Swap function between right and left mouse;

Roll the mouse wheel to scroll: Adjust the performance of a mouse wheel by 1 cycle;

Choose how many lines to scroll each time: Select the number of lines at each mouse scroll;

Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them: Lets scroll unused windows when you hover over them.

The main method of running on Windows 10 4

Of course, with these 4 options, it’s hard to improve and adjust the mouse speed in your Windows 10. So what do you need to change more deeply?

2. Access Additional mouse options in Win 10

To section Additional mouse settings Click on select Additional mouse options, a new Mouse Properties window will appear with 5 function tabs, corresponding to the different groups of features for you to change.

+, Card Buttons – Change the click effect

In this tab the features are focused on improving, customizing the effectiveness of the clicks.

Button Configuration equivalent to Select your primary button – effectively change the left and right mouse button, suitable for left-handed users;

Double-click speed allows you to change the speed of mouse double. This setting is for some users who have slower click speeds than the operating system’s default.

ClickLock: To select an area, you need to hold the right mouse button during the blackout process. But with this feature you just need to click, then drag and click again.

The main method of running on Windows 10 5

+, Pointers and Pointers Options – Change the configuration for the cursor

Pointers and Pointers Options are separate tags that are side by side and both have mouse-related features. What is different is the card Pointers Change of form, card Pointers Options change in performance.

At the card Pointers Main features include:

Scheme: You can select image sets for the mouse cursor here;

Customize: Display the image of the mouse in each different state and you can change if desired.

Enable pointer shadow: Create shadow for the cursor, creating a more intuitive feeling.

The main method of running on Windows 10 6

Card Pointers Options is divided into 3 main sections: Motion, Snap to and Visibility.

Motion is one of the most needed features when you want adjust mouse speed in Win 10. Here you drag the horizontal bar to set your cursor speed.

Snap to: Allows Window to automatically move to a default option when you open the menu.

1 Group Visibility Includes 3 functions about visual effects with mouse cursor:

– Display pointer trails: Create an effect that leaves the cursor image whenever you move the mouse;

first Hide pointer while typing: Hide the cursor away when you start typing;

Show location of pointer when i press the CTRL key: Display the position of the cursor when you press the key CTRL.

The main method of running on Windows 10 7

+, Edit mouse scroll speed at Wheel tab

Card Wheel Only 2 main features are Vertical Scrolling and Horizontal Scrolling.

Vertical Scrolling: Allows you to adjust the number of lines or pages in documents or web pages as you scroll along the wheel;

Horizontal Scrolling: Allows you to move the cursor horizontally when tilting the wheel. However, you need a mouse with hardware that supports this.

The main method of running on Windows 10 8

+, Hardware installation for mouse via Hardware tab

This tab allows you to access and edit mouse hardware settings. Usually with a computer mouse is operating normally, you should not change anything. Except if you have a corrupted computer mouse or you want to add supporting software.

The main method of running on Windows 10 9
Taimienphi has shown you how to change the cursor settings as you wish, help adjust mouse speed in Win 10, improve entertainment and work performance. During the installation process of the mouse if you need advice, do not forget to leave a comment below for answers as soon as possible! In case your computer mouse is broken, unusable, please refer to the tutorial article fix broken computer mouse, jumping around here. Good luck!


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