How to answer why are you interested in this vacancy?

Do you ever feel scared every time an employer asks why you care about their vacancy? With 3 simple steps below, convincing employers with this question will become extremely simple.

In addition to “Please introduce yourself”, the question “Why are you interested in this vacancy?” will also appear in any interview. And even if it doesn’t, you still need to answer it yourself if you want to be selected. So, there’s no better way to think clearly about why you’re applying for this position, and what it means for you and the company. According to the good job search software Answering this question will not be too difficult if you follow the steps below:

Instructions on how to answer why you are interested in this position?

Table of Contents:
I. How to answer the question.
Step 1. Express enthusiasm to the company.
Step 2. Combine your skills and experience.
Step 3. Combining career orientation.
II. Good answers.

I. How to answer why are you interested in this position?

Step 1: Express your enthusiasm to the company

First, the question “why are you interested in this vacancy” is a great opportunity to show what you know about the company. You can talk about how excited you were to get hired. Take some time to explore the information, select some typical details and combine it with the reasons why you are the best candidate.

Especially in small companies, you will convince an employer to learn one or two interesting details about the company such as the achievements they have made or the CEO of that company. at any rate. To find out, the only way is to find out on the company’s website or talk to an employee who has or is currently working in the company.

Step 2: Combine your skills and experience with the job requirements

Next, you must state why you are the most suitable candidate. There are two ways you can help you express yourself: focus on your experience (you’ve done a similar job before) or show your ability. Focus on highlighting the skills you have accumulated, in addition to the one, two skills required in the job description.

how to ask why you are interested in this content

Try to show all these skills after showing the employer your enthusiasm for their company. For example:

“However, what really interests me in this position is the opportunity to combine the programming skills of a senior software engineer that I have accumulated and the ability to analyze potential in investment and asset management. “

Please give a complete and concise answer. You will have many opportunities to talk about how you have accumulated these skills and related stories; However, you should only focus on the main skills and are related to the position you are applying for.

Step 3: Combining career orientation

Finally, you need to clarify why you are interested in this position and what it means in your career. Do not let the employer see you as a stepping stone, but let them show that you will stick to the long term and strive hard for the company’s mission. Only then can you catch the eye of an employer and thus they will be ready to invest for you. For example:

“I have been intending to move to the financial industry for a long time and I have learned the skills needed in this field by myself. The opportunity to work here will be the best way for me to apply my skills. I am really happy to think about new things I’m about to learn and what I can contribute to the company. “

Of course, you do not have to declare that you will be working here for a long time. Just show the employer what this job means for your future and how you will strive for it.

II. Good answer to the “Why are you interested in this vacancy?”
By completing all three steps, you will surely impress employers on all three fronts: your knowledge, your abilities, and your enthusiasm for the company. And, success is what you will certainly do. During the interview, the question appeared: ” How do you deal with the pressure? ? you don’t know how to answer yet. Refer to the article in the next section, will help you answer the questions confidently and satisfy employers.


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