How to answer Why did you quit your job at an old company? when interviewing

Responding fairly reliably based on certain circumstances is the best thing you can do when an employer asks why you quit a job at an old company during an interview.

Sometimes, during the interview, the employer will ask you why you quit your job at the old company or the reason why you decided to do so. Then, you need to give an honest answer and based on certain circumstances. Whether you quit your job because your boss is difficult or because you don’t like the way the company works, this is not the time for you to speak up.

How to answer Why did you quit your job at an old company? when interviewing

This can be a difficult question. Maybe you quit your job due to too long working hours, too many deadlines, low pay, or whatever, if you don’t put it carefully, you will become lazy or unmotivated. Employer eye.

Give a positive answer (do not speak ill of your former boss) and try to show the employer why you quit the old company is perfectly reasonable and this new job is completely suitable for knowledge. , your skills and experience.

Table of Contents:
1. Good answers.
2. The secret of conquest.
3. Mistakes to avoid.

I. Good answers

first. Honestly, I did not intend to switch jobs yet, but a friend introduced me to this job. I did a thorough research and found that this was a good opportunity for me to develop my extreme abilities.
2. I was unlucky to be fired because the company cut staff.
3. I want to apply the knowledge of education and technology that I have recently learned to this new job because the job at the old company did not allow me to do that.
4. I had to quit my old job for a while to look after my sick relatives, but now that person is fully recovered and I can continue to work.
5. After many years of work, I feel that I need to change; Therefore, I chose to quit my job to find a new working environment with more challenges.
6. I resigned to find another job closer to home and could help me maximize my skills and experience.
7. I am a creative person who is always looking for new challenges, and wants to apply my accumulated skills and experience to a whole new position.
8. Previously, the office was so far away that I had to spend hours every day going to work; Therefore, I want to find a job closer to home than before.
9. My old job requires a lot of skill, but it doesn’t fit with what I’ve learned. So, I chose to find a new job that better fits my educational background and experience.

II. The secret to convincing employers with this question

You can give thousands of different reasons like you want a higher salary, you feel the company leader does not organize the work well for your employees, your new boss never gives specific instructions. , or you’re simply fired. However, this is not the time for you to complain. According to the experience of software users who apply for jobs You can answer the question in a way that pleases employers.

how to ask why you think of a company

Here are some tips to help you formulate an answer to the question why you quit your previous company in a logical and persuasive way:

– Relative honesty: You don’t have to say the exact reason, you just need to show it relatively. If the reason is that you do not have many opportunities to develop your capabilities; you can start by describing some of the things you’ve done, then say you can do more than that but not get the chance. Thus, you will definitely score with the employer and the chance of matriculation will be higher.

– Answer short and always optimistic: With this question, please answer as briefly as possible because you will be very likely to make mistakes when presenting the reason. Only 1 or 2 sentences are enough; And if possible, try to use the most positive and positive words.

– Prepare answers before coming to the interview: Practice your answers before coming to the interview so that you can present them in a smooth and confident manner. You won’t be surprised when you ask such a tough question, especially when you’re fired from the company first.

III. Mistakes to avoid

– Be negative or dissatisfied: Do not speak ill of your boss, co-workers, or company during the interview process, nor do you make an opinion that is too personal or subjective; because you will never know if this new boss is acquainted with your old boss or not. However, you can talk more broadly about the company’s goals and mention that you disagree with the way it does business.

– Give unprofessional answers: You are not satisfied with the job? Your salary is not high or your boss is not respected? You are fed up with all the things you have to do every day, etc. However, the employer is not the one for you to express your feelings. Do not share too much, especially things that negatively affect your work motivation. The more professional your answer is, the better you will make a good impression in the eyes of the employer.
Above is the answer Why do you quit your job at your old company? when interviewing. Hopefully article has provided you with useful information. In the next article, will guide How to answer Why do you want to work for our company ? If you are still wondering and do not know how to answer, please refer to the answers to please the employer.


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