How to ask about health in English and how to answer

How to ask about health in English and how to answer

When meeting older people or long-term friends, we often ask them about their health these days to show their care and courtesy. In this article, will introduce you how to ask about health in English and how to answer.

How to inquire about health in English with sick people and how to answer

In English, the most common way to ask for health is to use the question “How are you? “., And of course the simple answer that you get from the opponent will be “I’m Fine, Thank you”.

However, depending on different situations and situations, people can use different English questions and answers to ask about health. Below will list for you some sample questions and answers in English to ask health.

Sample questions to ask about health in English:

– How are you? / How are you today ?: How are you / how are you? / How are you feeling today?
– How do you do ?: How are you?
– How do you doing ?: Are you ok?
– Any news ?: Do you have any news ?, I still have a good idea.
– What’s news ?: What’s New? How have you been?
– What’s the news ?: Is there any news?
– Still alive ?: Are you fine? Literally still living?
– Still alive and kicking ?: Still living well?
– Are you well ?: How are you still?
– Are you feeling all right today ?: How do you feel today?
– Are you better now ?: Better health yet?
– How have you been lately ?: How’s your health these days?
– How are you going ?: How are you still?
– How are you getting on? / How are you getting along? : Still not in there?
– How’s life ?: How are you?
– Are you OK? / Alright? / Are you alright? : Still OK?
– What’s wrong with you? / What’s matter with you ?: What’s wrong / What’s wrong? This question is used in cases where the opponent is showing poor health.

Sample answer health questionnaire in English:

– Well, thanks: I’m fine, thanks.
– Pretty well, thanks: Well fine, thanks.
– Fine, thanks / Good, thanks: I’m fine.Thanks.
– OK, thanks: Still normal, thanks.
– Still alive: Still normal.
– So compared: Normal.
– Not bad / Not so bad: Still the same / Not too bad.
– Not too bad: Not bad.
– Everything as usual: Still the same.
– Much the same as usual: As always.
– Not good: Not feeling well.
– I’m feeling good now. Thanks for asking: I’m fine, thank you very much.
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