How to ask for weather in English and how to respond

Weather is a topic that many people are interested in, so this topic is easy to meet when communicating in English, so please consult weather questions in English as well as vocabulary related to the time. details in the following article to hone and improve your English communication skills offline.

In some cases, if we know the topics to talk about, sometimes we can move on to the topic of the weather, asking how the weather is today. To learn how to ask for the weather in English and how to answer it, please read the following article of

How to ask and how to answer the weather in English

How to ask for weather in English and how to respond

The most common weather question in English is What’s the weather like today? (What is the weather like today?). Or to ask weather for a specific location or city, we will use the following sentence pattern: What’s the weather like in + location.

For example: To ask about the weather today in Hanoi, we use the question:

What’s the weather like in Ha Noi?

To answer today’s weather question in English, we use the answer form: It’s + weather adjectives only.

Example: It’s cool. (The weather is quite cool.)

Some adjectives indicate the weather in English

The adjective indicates the weather is clear and cloudy

Bright: lots of light, when the sun is shining brightly
Sunny: the sky has only the sun to shine, no clouds
Clear: it is cloudless
Fine: no rain, no clouds
Partially cloudy: when there is a mix of blue sky and clouds
Cloudy: it’s cloudy
Overcast: cloudy, cloudy sky
Gloomy: dark clouds and faint light
Foggy: it is foggy
Misty: mild fog, often appearing on the sea or caused by drizzle
Hazy: thin mist, usually caused by heat.

Adjectives indicate the weather with rain

Damp: mild wet (usually appears after the rain has stopped)
Drizzle: light rain with very fine drops
Shower: rain for a short time
Rain: water falls from the clouds drop by drop
Downpour: heavy rain
Pour: with heavy rain
Torrential rain: very heavy rain
Flood: flood, only excessive rain.
Hail: hail, only the rain froze and dropped into small stones.
Snow: the rain freezes and falls from the sky in the form of soft snowflakes

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